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    https://www.orlandopinstripedpost.com/2021/4/6/22369372/orlando-magic-chuma-okeke-wendell-carter-jr-rj-hampton I think this sums up Bacon's contributions pretty well
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    I mentioned this during other games. For someone with background in college and nba basketball, he moves like he is playing 'peewee' style of basketball, like he is good at shooting the ball but has not learned how to do anything else. Mo reminds me of a giraffe.
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    We now have: All our own 1st and 2nds Two 1sts from Chicago ('21, '23) One 1st from Denver ('25) One 2nd from Indiana ('22) One 2nd from Boston or Memphis ('25) One 2nd from Milwaukee ('26) Another 2nd from Boston ('27) $17.7M TPE expiring March 2022
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    Good for Khem and Us!! Embrace the young guys
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    Exciting to watch. Promising performances. A loss against somebody who is near us in the rankings. Played the right way. Still loads to learn which is normal. Pleased with Cliff that he let young guns play heavier mins