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    It's a fair comparison, but still a long way to go to reach that level, including the Ship! :) and yes, our schedule has been as soft as possible. Difficult times ahead. Hope that leads to a decision, one way or another, anything is better than this limbo we're living.
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    Is the upside for Cole something close to Fred VanVleet? Like a combo guard who's probably better off ball but can run an offense if he needs to and is a little undersized defensively but battles on defense and the glass? Not a great finisher but has some pick and roll craft and is a great shooter? Just something that I was thinking about.
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    We must make trades anyway. If we want to fight for traditional 7-8 spots in playoffs then we must trade for a veteran PG. if we finally understand that we can’t compete with Vuc-Fournier tandem, then we must trade them and AG with Ross. All of them have great value and can get us young players/draft pics/cap space. Another option is to trade expiring valuable Fournier, plus picks, maybe Bamba and get a player like Beal or another star... anyway, there must be trades by the FO.
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    Well that's nasty :( NBA community mourns the loss of basketball writer, NBA TV analyst Sekou Smith | NBA.com Australia | The official site of the NBA (sportingnews.com)
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    To be honest, I would be very happy with that but I just don't think it will happen at this point, and for several reasons: 1- While this FO is in there, we will never go down this road. they are just too "cautious"... 2- I presume that, together with Vuc, we would keep Isaac and Fultz. So with a pool of AG, Fournier, Ross, Aminu and draft picks on the table, do you think it would be enough to get an all-star? I think other teams have better packages than this to offer. 3- Let's put the scenario that we go this road, who would this all-star be? Beal: the wizards would trade him to us and not sure he is interested in joining us either. J.Brown: the same, especially if we don't send Vuc. Derozan: not an all-star anymore. G.Harris: the same and he is not what we need. Lavine: hard to believe the Bulls would do it now or without getting Vuc back. Hield: not an all-star... So who else?