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  1. SlightlyOdway

    2018 Official Offseason Thread

    Off topic but thought you might be interested. Philippines playing with only 3 players in World Cup qualifier against Australia after 9 players ejected.
  2. SlightlyOdway

    2017-2018 Official Season Discussion Thread

    Says a lot about our season
  3. SlightlyOdway

    Hornets @ Magic 2NIGHT

    I feel a bit the same way. Also, in hindsight not picking up his option is dumb, but these guys are smart guys. There would have been a level of justification in making the decision. I gather it was to get cap room to sign our RFA's. At the time maybe they thought resigning a break out Payton as our starting PG was the more likely outcome than Mario actually showing he was worthy of a spot on an NBA team. What I'd like to know, but probably never find out, is how legit was Mario's leg injury last year, were the front office fully aware of it and did they believe the seriousness of it? If it really was as bad as he is saying, then last year is a wash and not picking up his option was nuts. Having said all that I think we are in with a rough chance of signing him to a 1 & 1 (player option) contract given (as per an article I referenced last week sometime); 12 teams are projected to be in luxury tax 5 are toying with the tax line at least 3 of the bottom teams are tipped to give this free agency season a miss. There would be a handful of free agents that might be preferred over Mario (unrestricted & restricted on teams under salary pressure) There aren't going to be many teams offering much more that the tax payers MLE of $5.8m? We can offer $5.2m so the gap isn't massive.
  4. SlightlyOdway

    Magic vs Cavaliers, Tuesday, February 6 @ 7:00 p.m.

    Haven't watched the game. Is there any more to this? Did he return?
  5. SlightlyOdway

    Magic @ Miami

    The article says 12 teams are projected to be over luxury tax, further, says that another handful (assume 5) could go over the luxury tax to resign their RFA's. Add that the article assumes at least 3 of the 7 teams with significant cap space arent buyers at this point. My assertion, based on the assumption the the article is accurate is that not many teams will be offering more than the $5.4m taxpayer midlevel exemption (to any free agent) which is not a great deal more than the $5.2m we can offer.
  6. SlightlyOdway

    Magic @ Miami

    Here it is; http://www.espn.com/nba/story/_/id/22263630/nba-financial-crunch-coming I've probably paraphrased / interpreted definitions wrongly?
  7. SlightlyOdway

    Magic @ Miami

    I was reading an article that said a lot of teams are already in luxury tax and another chunk are on the edge of it. Luxury tax is apparently far more punitive than in the past and teams aren't readily going over it, especially for a guy like Mario. It suggested that most teams in the market will only have the taxpayer midlevel exemption to work with at $5.4. And those that aren't in salary hell aren't really ready to contend and might be better off keeping that flexibility until 2019 or 20 when some of the recent huge contracts start coming off the books. So a 1 + 1 (player option) at $5.2m for Mario might be enough to entice him to stay?
  8. SlightlyOdway

    2017-2018 Official Season Discussion Thread

    I know I've asked this question before and we came to the conclusion that the most we can offer Mario is $5m odd and one year if we now wish to resign him. I've been digging to try to confirm this, even downloaded the CBA, but that did my head in. Anyway, I've found a page (I'm an Aussie, so not sure if the reference is legit) that appears to confirm that we are limited to the dollars in the first year. But makes no reference to limiting the length of the contract we could offer in to just one year. Also referencing P4TW who thinks a Ben McLemore type contract is what Mario may expect in free agency, we wouldn't be far off being able to compete if we are able to offer more years even if the first year is limited to the $5m mark. Can you back end a contract to make up for that first year short fall? Anyway, this is what I found at https://basketball.realgm.com/analysis/247867/CBA-Encyclopedia-Rookie-Scale-Contracts
  9. SlightlyOdway

    2017-2018 Official Season Discussion Thread

    Go read what P4TW wrote in the game thread. We can't offer more than the 5.4m / 1yr qualifying offer. So if he keeps playing like this (big "if") we can't resign him
  10. SlightlyOdway

    Magic @ Pistons (Early game 4pm)

    Thanks for that. So effectively there is no point playing him? We either end up showcasing him for other teams and get nothing in return. Or he just proves he's not up to it and he finished up at the end of the year. Either way, he's not here next year. I suppose there is a slim chance he does enough for us to justify signing him for 5.3m but not enough to get other teams interested, or he really explodes and helps us get to the playoffs but they're a very narrow window of opportunity.
  11. SlightlyOdway

    Magic @ Pistons (Early game 4pm)

    I guess this is what I was asking. Are we limited to the 1 year 5.3m offer? So say he explodes over the remainder of the year we are still limited to this figure? Every other team can offer whatever they like from a $ and/or years perspective but we can't? I know this scenario isn't likely but just trying to get my head around the decision not to pick up his option.
  12. SlightlyOdway

    Magic @ Pistons (Early game 4pm)

    Just for interests sake. If over the remainder of the season Mario proves that he is an actual NBA player, what are the implications of having not picked up his option? Is it simply that we would be competing on the open market for him?
  13. SlightlyOdway

    2017 Official Offseason Thread

    Can somebody explain how the salaries work? Seems Thomas and crowder are still $6m short. Salaries have to match right, give or take? What are draft picks worth when assessing trade values?
  14. SlightlyOdway

    2017 NBA Draft Thread

    I gather Jeff Hammond "likes this team" :panicworker: