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  1. 2014 Draft Thread

    I understand that idea, but hate it. Injuries early on are part of what kept this team down. I am not saying they should have been playoff contenders this year, but I thought they would be a lot closer than they are. Plus, who would get these minor injuries? Vuch has miss a lot of games this year, likely wants to prove he can stay healthy for contract reasons. Harris is the same to a lesser extent. Victor O needs all the time on the court as possible. Maybe Nelson since he is a vet and his value trade and contract wise are close to set in stone. The others are all young and playing time is valuable and/or they would not make too much of a difference win wise if they missed time. Besides staying in the top 5 is no guarantee of anything other that I suspect having to pay a higher salery. Trade value is there also i guess, but I just dont like the idea of trying to lose.
  2. 2014 Draft Thread

    I thought the picks were all highly protected. That trade is looking better and better.
  3. 2014 Draft Thread

    I've been out of the loop for most of the year. How is it we could get two top ten picks?
  4. Our Best Asset

    Oh, well compared to that, the Magic got screwed.
  5. Our Best Asset

    What would have been the best deal?

    Oh I know, there was still that hope that he could rebound/ turn back the clock though. Players do have off years and come back and play lights out. Guess the same could be said about trading for Gilbert, except he had an injury that made him a shadow of his old self. They were both just bad trades.

    Agreed. But Gilbert had shown very little indication he was remotely healthy, while there could at the time at least be a slight arguement that Hedo could come back to the team he play well with and come back to life (it appeared he was not used correctly in Toronto or Phx, though now it appears he just sucked).
  8. ESPN's Forecast: 2013-14 Rookie of the Year

    We need a new starting air guitarist. Maybe AA could move into that role and give Oladipo the starting SG position?

    If not for the Gilbert trade, I think it would be the stupidest by far.
  10. NBA Offseason 2013 Thread

    I agree with this. Question though, and I am not trying to start and arguement, how do you define core and who are the core players? Reason I was asking is because I recently made a comment that I felt Tobias or Oladipo COULD be cornerstone pieces for the rebuild and pretty much got shot down. I am not a walking dictionary, but to me they at least have similar meanings.
  11. Magic Going All In For Chris Paul's Backup?

    Your a real something if the only player on the list that is impressive to you is Tyshawn.
  12. Magic Going All In For Chris Paul's Backup?

    Did you not see Duhon, Moore and Ish Smith on the list? Must not or you are just plain stupid with regards to the top NBA PG's. :) Really, though, Irving is unimpressive? Avery Bradley has shown flashes. Then theres John Wall and Lillard. And oh yeah, Parker (Though not sure he has much left in the tank. Not sure about the rest, but some I now are young and likely raw so who knows. Whats your idea of impressive? Stockton or Magic Johnson?
  13. Goal this year

    I think Tobias could be a beast. Regarding our pick in this draft, I keep hearing from the experts that he does not have as high of ceiling as the other picks, but only time will tell. Guess I am crazy, but I think those two COULD be cornerstone pieces. Building through the draft is not the only option for the team. With the young talent the team has, they will be able to attract a top FA or two. I understand the trend and all. just feel FA's will still want to come here. I feel this team will be better next year win wise which in turn will reduce our chances of getting a top pick.
  14. Goal this year

    This is true, but they were then pretty mediocre for several season after getting Howard and Nelson, which goes against The Truth's point that being average/so so team does nothing for the Magic. He seems to be pushing off the young guys we have now as afterthoughts when the cornerstones of the rebuild could very well be in place. Two years from now who's to say a star free agent PG or Center is not going to want to team with Tobias, Moe and this years pick (name eludes me)?
  15. Goal this year

    But who is to say we do not already have that star on our team? Tobias showed serious promise and so did Harkless. Everyone on this forum seems to be praising the draft pick (which surprised the heck out of me since I expected to log on and see back and forth bickering), so what if he turns in to D Wade? No, I am not saying he is going to or even comparing the two. What if we pick up a few draft picks by trading AA or BBD, then go out and wine 30 games and trade into the the top five somehow? I have faith this team is being run properly now and regardless of where we pick next year, this team will continue to get better (through the draft and FA) until they are contending in a few years. I do not see this team finishing with the worst record next year and will not root for it either. Thats fine if you do, I guess. Now if they play their butts off and still finish last, thats ok so long as the young guys grow and mature etc.