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  1. Magic Should Free Jah

    Game this out, the roster is full on Gar-baggggge outside of AG and Simmons. This team just doesn't work together and we need to blow it up and go full rebuild and start accumulating talent. Jah is a good player, just needs a team to give him space down low and PT. Blow the rest of it up. Trade Vuc, let EP walk
  2. Magic Should Free Jah

    For a 2nd round pick? Absolutely take a flier on this guy. This team is in flames anyway and starved for talent. Sad what the 6ers are doing to him.
  3. Orlando Magic vs Portland Trailblazers

  4. Orlando Magic vs Portland Trailblazers

    Starters just totally killed our momentum
  5. Orlando Magic vs Portland Trailblazers

    Mo Buckets eating fools up tonight?
  6. Orlando Magic vs Portland Trailblazers

    Not a lot stayed up for this one? Good burn from the 2nd unit tonight
  7. Orlando Magic vs Portland Trailblazers

    Great start, hopefully we can keep knocking down shots and steal one here.
  8. 2017-2018 Official Season Discussion Thread

    Have to knock down shots to have a chance in this one. Will be watching, go Magic
  9. Game Thread: Magic vs. Suns

    The Magic hit everything tonight, except for Fournier
  10. Official Game Thread: Knicks at Magic

    Glad to be winning again
  11. Magic vs Bulls

  12. Magic vs Bulls

    Not a good show so far
  13. Magic vs Bulls

    Not bad considering we spotted them 8 tonight. Just need to stay the course and cut down on the turnovers and Orlando will win