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  1. 2017 NBA Draft Thread

    Just dropped in to say that there's still one person on this forum that appreciates that Jameer sig. Don't ever lose it. I still hate Pierce. Go Magic.
  2. Magic sign Channing Frye

    I'm looking forward to this team's defensive potential, more than anything. I enjoy watching teams grind out wins much more than I do watching both teams score in the 100s.
  3. 2014 Draft Thread

    Oh hey, didn't know jec had two accounts...
  4. 2014 Draft Thread

    Update: James Young has thoroughly played himself out of our 2nd draft pick range.
  5. 2014 Draft Thread

    It's strange, I envisioned myself watching a ton of college basketball this season (or at least, more than before) due to the incoming freshman class but truthfully, I haven't seen ****. I am probably one of the worst candidates for scouting knowledge right now. The only thing I'm pretty sure of is that Parker will be very good. Thankfully, I have no weight on our drafting decision this season.
  6. Fran Vazquez set to join Magic

    Yeah, that'd be pretty original The Rodney Dangerfield of threads.
  7. Fran Vazquez set to join Magic

    I hear Milovan Rakovic is also set to come over. Our front line should be quite formidable.
  8. Shout out to all of the veterans of this board.

    Buddy, just remember who made you. It didn't happen by accident, and that gorgeous signature didn't materialize out of thin air.
  9. The Official "WHAT THE HECK ARE YOU PLAYING!!!?" Thread

    That is truly pathetic.
  10. Movies

    This is such a berto comment. It's jam-packed with superciliousness. I can only imagine that you were blaring Dolphin Sam in the background while typing this.
  11. The Official "WHAT THE HECK ARE YOU PLAYING!!!?" Thread

    The trainers, man. Think about it, I would challenge you on the spot on your way to the grocery store. If you lose, you lose all your pokemon. You end up losing because of your superciliousness. I become leader of the club gym leader. Fin. Blouses.
  12. NBA Offseason 2013 Thread

    Still one of my favorite comments in this site's history. One of the few times I've actually laughed out loud reading a post.
  13. The Official "WHAT THE HECK ARE YOU PLAYING!!!?" Thread

    If they ever made an online, fullblown 3D game on the WiiU, it'd be an insta-buy for me. It could even be an mmorpg. Of course, that would kill any future Nintendo handheld consoles so it'd likely never happen.
  14. He lives in a rational, honest one. Steals certainly don't equate to great defense. In most cases, it's an indicator of someone who gambles a lot (bad defense). Having said that, Victor doesn't seem to fit that bill.
  15. I can't wait to hear the outrageous knee-jerk reactions when Harris/Harkless have a bad game or two against summer league talent. That'll be splendid.