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  1. The Celtics suck, I will finally admit it!
  2. quote: Originally posted by Adam_Magic:Well done troll, you have earned yourself a suspension! nooooo
  3. CElticsRus

    Chuck Daly Passes

    This was sad
  4. CElticsRus

    Anybody else with this problem today?

    Edited to remove picture - I love the Magic.
  5. CElticsRus

    M. Pietrus simply can't shoot

    Edited to remove picture - big baby has man boobs
  6. CElticsRus

    Playoff Rd 2 Game thread Sign-Up

    I got game 6
  7. CElticsRus

    Its us vs the world

    Edited to remove picture - I have an unhealthy obsession with KG and his tailored suits, what a man, I definitely would.
  8. CElticsRus

    Is Hedo Accountable to the Team? My sources say no.

    Edited to remove picture.
  9. CElticsRus

    series likely over now

    I agree with the original poster
  10. CElticsRus

    For those of you who are new to the playoffs

    quote: Originally posted by no_ma'am:that game last night was a heartbreaker, but i think the actics of the celtics...particularly fat tits and KG will be great ammo for our guys in Boston. They will want to do the same thing to Boston on their court. Basically, we still have two games in Boston...we only need to win one of them. Dont count on it, your lucky to have won one game against us.
  11. CElticsRus

    Magic fan wants an apology

    Typical whiny magic fan
  12. Switch..swap..it doesn't matter..we will continue to embarrass Orlando
  13. CElticsRus

    On a much more positive note...

    If you had the Nelson and we had Garnett you still would be losing to us.
  14. CElticsRus

    Anybody else with this problem today?

    Don't worry, you'll only feel like this for two more games