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  1. pghMAGIC

    2018 Official Offseason Thread

    Nets buying Dwight out. FA
  2. pghMAGIC

    2016-2017 Trade Idea Thread

    Reports say that Minnesota is willing trade Shabazz M. in a package with Rubio. I know that Rubio wouldn't be a great fit since we have Payton, but what would we be willing to trade for Muhammad? Hes a pretty good scorer, which is obv something we are missing.
  3. pghMAGIC


    Bad fall for Biz, thought season ender, but hes staying in the game. Scary looking.
  4. pghMAGIC


    This is pathetic. At this point, baskets aren't even being challenged. Trade Ibaka, Vooch, get rid of Green, I still keep Payton and build around Mario/AG. No one else seems to care about showing effort on the defensive end.
  5. pghMAGIC


    AG completey invisible today, and you're right about Denvers interior passing. I feel like Denvers average shot is from 5-7 feet from basket, and ours is about 18 feet, which makes it tough when the shots aren't falling.
  6. pghMAGIC


    Box score readers, that turnover on Mario was a good pass that had Biz as the intended target, but was stuck on his heels. Good minutes from Mario.
  7. pghMAGIC


    Pretty sure since Biz checked in, every Denver basket has been scored a foot away from wherever he is on the court.
  8. pghMAGIC


    Loving Paytons play so far, we have 0 rim protection, and Vooch with 2 fouls certainly doesn't help. But we're hanging in there...
  9. pghMAGIC

    2016-2017 Season Discussion Thread

    As an out of towner, I am pumped that todays game is on NBAtv. First chance for me to watch a game live since the free week-long preview of NBA LeaguePass ended in November. Get to see todays game on tv, then flying down next weekend for my first Magic home game on Sunday.
  10. pghMAGIC

    How would you rate your game?

    I'm a 33 year old 5'11" 175 lb. clone of JJ Redick. Played in a pretty competitive league for 7-8 years mainly composed of local former D1 football players and D2 basketball players and held my own pretty well. I quickly earned the nickname Redick, which is the ultimate compliment to a guy like me. My career highlight is draining a 3 pointer over the outstretched arms of Ben Roethlisberger in a charity game back in 2006. Tore my ACL MCL meniscus in 2011 and then took a few years off of playing, first due to post surgery rehab then due to fear of getting hurt again. I then joined a league with a bunch of guys in their mid-late 20s and did that for a couple years, but quit last year. I'm a golfer first and a basketball player second, if I got hurt and missed another season of golf it would be a tragedy. For now, my basketball experience is shooting around a few nights a week on an in-ground hoop system that was installed in my driveway last spring.
  11. pghMAGIC

    New member

    Hello all. I've been lurking on here as a reader for quite a while but finally signed up as a member of the board. I enjoy reading the board and especially the game threads for when I'm unable to watch. 33 year old Magic fan from Pittsburgh, been a fan since childhood. I'm going to attend my first Magic home game next month (vs. Golden State) and was wondering if you could recommend where the wife and I look to sit. Lower levels are pretty pricey for that game, is the upper level still a good experience at Amway? I'm a season ticket holder for Pitt Panthers basketball, and upper levels are still a good view at the 12,500 seat arena. Any suggestions? Thanks in advance.