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    Very nice win …make no mistake NY was in playoff mode trying to win …impressed with Banchero hitting the crunch time 3 when it’s been a struggle all season for him …Cole with loads of energy tonight
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    What a terrible name for a professional athlete
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    This isn't the bet statement I saw this morning that you made …this is another one lol …not a secret CT about there being pages and pages of you debating anybody against or voicing opposition to drafting Chet.
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    First winning streak since February 5th lol
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    Sharpe got the start and minutes …Simons hurt …24 pts, 9 boards, 4 steals, 3 assists, 4-7 from three and only 1 turnover ..he was a big reason they beat the Jazz on the road …look out for this kid next year ….also has played every single game .