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    Thank you, Soul Bro. Right now I'm in tears. Of course I'm deeply saddened by the devastating and sudden loss of my brother, but the tears are also for the outpouring of love and prayers from my fellow TBN message board members. I truly feel the love.
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    Thanks, alwaystragic. Your kind words and caring means a lot to me at a time of my loss.
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    Thanks, Mauro. I appreciate the love you send at this time. I certainly need it.
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    Now is the beginning of a new long game, but let's not forget they were in charge of the Evaluation Years too, with contracts like the Aminu one and a bolted salary sheet. It's not like they were just hired 15 months ago... Extensions to Isaac and Fultz were also risky and not exactly cheap, considering the injury risk involved. I haven't suggested to fire them, but I'm not convinced by them either, like I'm not convinced by their choices for the coaching job... Clifford first, too much old style and conservative, and Mosley now... jury is still up, but a few bad signals already, like other members usually point out in the game threads.