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    The magic double down on mistake after mistake after mistake. Tobias trade was a mistake. It's ok we really, really needed a point guard. Elfrid was a project and should have been protected by spending for a real interim, quality guard...16-18 million dollars per year. it happens, no problem. Trying to turn Oladipo into a point guard, mistake and relying on Ridnour and Watson, big mistake. Move forward, Marble,Napier,Smith...is this a joke? Drafting Mario, eh everyone does this. I still don't get it but like everyone else i feel like the entire franchise understands some busts are just busts. Moving forward to the big stuff. Look, nobody understands the Oladipo trade and the Biyombo signing. This is very unique, highly controversial stuff. We chose Evan, i get that, the trade with OKC was Likely and inside job, no need to include the pick. However still not ridiculous, until we include these facts. We did not sign Ibaka, why sign Biyombo? Ok still awful. Management screwed up. Why was Vucevic not traded? Awesome value at that time. Season played out and i guess some could say thank god we didn't trade Vucevic. Except if we did we surely would have be so awful the next two years to get one of those franchise players we coveted. Move forward. Isaac was a project but really was the best pick at the time. Gordon was no All-star, Vooch was Vooch, Evan was about to have his best year. Why the ***** did we draft Bamba? Because 75 out of 100 websites said we should? Let's go back in time. Yes we just missed out on a top 3 draft pick because of literally one win. The draft happens, we draft the third best center and if you want to project big men not centers, the fourth best projected big man. Meanwhile the entire fan base is hoping we draft a point guard. Yeah i get it we didn't get Trea. Turns out the next two point guards in the draft worked out. Why the ***** did we draft Bamba? Because we were looking for the next Shaq? He was already off the board or never on the board. We drafted Bamba because he was safe. Our gm's didn't pick him the consensus did! TL;DR ***** our non watching games, soft Gms's. This is the one year when everyone can see people in charge are not always competent.
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    Wouldn’t it have been better to just draft the guy and let him play for us? Oh wait... lol
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    It’s like they learned nothing from signing Grant Hill when he was on crutches 20 years ago. Struggle to keep guys healthy? Let’s draft guys with known injury history. Need shooters? Let’s draft wingspan and known defenders and teach them how to shoot... by the way, they’re not gonna get much better at shooting and they’re gonna entirely forget how to play defense. Ugh, this team is so damn hard to cheer for. At least Okeke to Clark in the rotation is pretty much a wash, but I’m continually unimpressed with our training staff and our decision makers. Need to get Ross, Fournier and Ennis healthy quick.
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    It's a Magic tradition. Other teams have either really old NBA players, or really young fringe NBA guys at the end of their bench. The Magic like to have at least two guys who have no business being in the NBA. We don't have Terrence Davis's or even a Jamal Crawford type who might be washed but can still drop 50 points one last time. Ever notice how we never even get the Solomon Hill's or Demare Carroll's or the Langston Galloway's on our bench? I'm not gonna over hype this loss but it's disturbing how it's really the same thing every year. Our 15 man roster is so lacking in talent that our bench automatically becomes the worst in the league once we lose a starter or two. It's the little moves that make a good franchise. Look no further then the team that beat us. How did they get Curry? Why was it so easy for them to get rid of Horfords contract? How come they have 3 very intriguing guards on the Bench? I love that we have Cole but we should have had a few other options waiting in the wings if we lose Evan. A second rounder, a trade for another teams player who isn't getting minutes. Again, this isn't an overreaction to a loss, just some observations. Go Magic! Ps. Harris was and still is much better then Gordon, i always figured Gordon's ceiling was much higher. I was wrong.