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    I know. It’s getting tiring to watch that cliff thinks Fournier is better than he is. It’s NOT WORKING. Change the damn game plan up. We don’t even need a great facilitator if we have good ball movement between the team like Toronto does. All we have is selfish guys.
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    Amway Center - Orlando, FL Sunday, December 1st at 6:00 P.M. TV: Fox Sports Florida 4-16, 5th in Pacific Division | 7-11, 2nd in Southeast Division
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    Sources: Magic's Aminu (knee) out indefinitely LINK: https://www.espn.com/nba/team/_/name/orl/orlando-magic
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    No one should be happy about someone being injured, especially when it's an injury that is fairly serious, even if they haven't played very well for us. Although he has struggled offensively, his defence has been pretty good. And if he was shooting a little above his career average from 3 instead of a lot below, we'd have a much different opinion about how he has played for us. Hopefully we will see him back in about 6 weeks. If he struggles to get back in the team then so be it, but we shouldn't be happy that he is injured.
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    Nah i'm starting to feel the same way and i didn't even watch the game. Other teams scrubs always go off on us. We don't draft or get offensive players in a shooters league. I watched the magic last spring because they were fun to watch, this is not fun. We suggest trades for years or low-Key free agents that could change the team. We go out and sign Aminu and Biyombo on the first day of free agency(yes i know different years). Meanwhile teams all over the league are playing undrafted free agents who regularly put up more points then our starters. Guys coming off the bench to explode for 30+ points in a win for other teams.I can count on my ten fingers how many times our guys have even hit 20+ this year. A few of us come to this board suggesting trades for obtainable players like Dinwiidie and we get laughed off, meanwhile they blow up. Not even asking for stars like Kawhi,Paul George, Kemba, Lilliard whoever! Just get a few guys who can shoot! Teams making signings for cheap guys who can score like Bertrans, Baynes. Basically a whole bunch of players who do what our guys do for 1/3rd the price! It gets old, real fast.
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    If we can get Beal for Isaac and Fultz, we're good going into the future. ;)