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    I dated a girl with a lazy eye for a while. Unfortunately she was seeing other guys on the side....
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    It is, I'll send you the invitation when I get home
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    Man I just want a pair of vintage T-Macs in a size 10.5... thinking back its awesome how many kids had those in school. They may have been more popular than Jordan’s at that time in Orlando schools. Only thing I wanted for Christmas I recall
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    If only our roster wasn't so THIN with BALD handlers maybe we'd be able to ROGAINE the momentum from earlier in the season.
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    It's also possible that you hit the nail on the HEAD, and that it is affecting his confidence; that it's not something he can just sweep under the RUG, but that it is a contributing factor to his game RECEDING. We are definitely seeing a PATTERN.
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    I just tell women I'm growing a solar panel for a sex machine LOL
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    That's too bad. Sometimes a good woman is hard to find.
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    Talk about insecure—T-Macs response was a bit much. The correct answer was Durant anyways. I’m the biggest T-Mac fan ever but let’s get real. Fournier didn’t say anything wrong
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    He's not a bust. Just give him a year and he'll be the best player on a playoff team.
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    My resume here we go. I grew up in southern california watchcing the Lakers on KTLA in 84. Also watching the Bulls on WGN and the Hawks on TBS. My family moved to Orlando in 89 and I have been a die hard Magic fan ever since. So I know a little something about basketball!
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    And been on center court twice singing the national antham. Believe that!
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    It's possible. I just really dislike EF and I like making fun of his hair. Jec's response made it seem like he didn't realize it was a joke, which it very clearly was.
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    No hair issues either, so there's that too.