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    We’re the same team. We have Mo and JI who have some developing to do, but all in all, we are the same team. Maybe Clifford helps in changing the culture at some point, but right now, we are who we’ve been. There’s been no real personnel changes and to expect players to just all of sudden be any different is unrealistic.
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    We gave up 60 points in the second half, including, starting about mid 3rd quarter, many uncontested layups. We gave up 29 in the 4th quarter. We can parse the statistics to try and find something good out of that but I think it’s missing the forest for the trees.
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    It feels like we’re watching the same old team. We just need a new team. We’ve watched this too many times. We have 3 positions need to be completely revamped: PG, SG and C. We’ve watched Fournier and Vuc stink it up for years. We need to expect more from their positions. I guess we have bamba but it’s too early. And we also haven’t had a good PG since jameer and skip.
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    10-38 shooting 26%. That's not NBA worthy. Thats G-League worthy. My goal for the Magic is to prove they are deserving of being an NBA team. Not a team that should be purged without a second thought if the league were to downsize.