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    to be somewhat fair, a lot of things had to happen to get this Dipo. 1)Learn under Westbrook. 2) return to a town that loves him. 3) Be given the keys to a decently rostered vet filled vehicle. 4) have less pressure than in OKC or Orlando 5) Have something to prove after being traded in back to back seasons
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    He is a 40% 3pt shooter the last 2 years so he will have a role in today's NBA, probably a stretch 5 off of the bench like what Vuc should be.
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    I’m really excited for the second round of this years draft there’s a ton of potential! I don’t remember the last time there was a draft this deep. This draft definitely isn’t “flattening out”
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    The tankathon has us picking: First round: Bamba Second Round: Okobo(my fav PG) Wagner. This will be a great draft!!!
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    Ben Simmons is the most NBA ready player I've ever seen....ever. Its ridiculous. The trait that impresses me the most is his poise. Look at how he brings the ball up court, he has a poise about him that he knows what to do at every second as the clock runs down. His play is tactical and his expression is so unthreatening but he's completely dangerous. He's like a point guard version of Tim Duncan with a dexterity thats off the charts. Just by this year alone, he appears to have a lock at being in the hall of fame. Simmons could easily average a triple double per season quite effortlessly throughout his career. He's most likely the next generational talent.
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    I would love those first two. I do not think Donte even comes out--somebody will be in his ear to start and improve his status. But Young and Bates Diop have NBA three ;point range already. Neither will be an immediate answer but both make this team better. Also would mean we would draft 45 points/game of offense (at the collegiate level)
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    If that is our picks call me overjoyed!!
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    I refuse to believe he is only 21. I feel like I am watching a veteran when he is playing and when he interacts with teammates. Such a mature/confident player.
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    Joel was drafted same year as Gordon "I'm 22 I'm a vet I've been around a long time now." ha ha ha
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    Ben Simmons might be the best player in the league. He might not be.
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    Look at his stats and you’ll see he’s improved on almost all categories offensively. Defensively he didn’t seem to be the same player but he’s learning a new position — he’s shown to be defensively capable and he’s so young. And with that, he’s also unfortunately playing with other lower caliber players and bad coaches, which I’m sure has hindered his development. We need to choose a building block and build the rest of the team with correct fit and weaknesses that are accounted for. We don’t know enough about Isaac to build around him. You can’t just mash talent together and hope it works like hennigan.
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    Has anyone else noticed that Jevon Carter leads the entire draft in steals at 3 per game? That's more steals 3 than turnovers 2.6!
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    That's weird! I ran it 10 times and got top 5 7 times, 6th twice, and 7th once. We got 1st more than 7th :D Every combination gave us 1 of Doncic, Ayton, JJJ, or Young in that order. Keep in mind Tankathon is based on team need rather than BPA. It would great if the odds were defied and the Magic and 2 other teams (not Brooklyn) jumped into the top 3 and the Mavs got bumped all the way back to 6. JUSTICE!
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    They might be coming around to the fact that Young isn't a top 5 player.