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    Thanks jay. I’m not very computer friendly.
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    We need to cheer for Dwight. I want him to have a great game. We deserve a loss.
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    For real we’ve been needing a player that’s confident in shooting and can put up 20+ points a game for sometime now. I think we can get that plus an elite distributor with great basketball iq in Trae Young.
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    He should have 10 assists by now but his teammates are hot garbage
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    The efficiency and percentages drop as usage increases. It’s true for Trae and it was true for Curry. It will be key for Trae to find that balance in the pros to reach Curry-level impact. But his usage won’t be that high on a team full of NBA players. The turnovers are a reflection of trying to do too much more than an inability to pass well. And we cant discount that he’s doing this as a freshman.
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    That's obviously because Trae is an outlier player HIMSELF . No one's done what he's doing. And being double and triple teamed is likely to lower your field goal percentages. Please remember he's a FRESHMAN. And believe me, the dude is fresh to death
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    I really hope Trae has a commercial like this one day. I want magic to draft him just as bad as you do bud
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    I’ve been saying this. People that were wanting him top 3 or even 1 overall was just insane. He has so many question marks at the next level. If we get him at 6 or 7 fine he’s worth the potential cons but I never would have taken him top 3 unless he just dominated the combine and his measurements were better then we thought.
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    So I'm significantly more optimistic that we can keep Mario than i was previously based on: 1. Figuring out we can offer him more than 1 year 2. Seeing Lou Williams extension, i might have completely misjudged the upcoming market 3. Or really 2b. Seeing teams struggle to move mid level contracts this trade deadline. More signs of market issues. 4. "He can make more money overseas". No. No he can't. Alexey Shved is the highest paid player outside of the nba and he's paid 3 years 10.2 million. Andre Blatche is making 2.5 million per year in China. Rudy Fernandez is making around 3 million euros per year. 5.2 million dollars is 4.2ish million euros. Mario would need to be the highest paid European player by quite a bit to get more money than we can offer.