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    The magic have lost since the beginning of the season four starters for ten games or more plus our productive first round pick for over a month and our back up pg for multiple games. What other team in the league has had to go through this? we can all be great at hindsight. But a lot of us were not fans of Harris and although some wanted to keep oladipo he was not as productive as Evan at the time we traded him at similar ages. Last year Vic was even worse at okc. He went back to his college area where he was treated like a god and his ego was boosted to a new level and his game also. Would that have happened here? Who knows! we all should be thrilled at AG's improvement and Isaac's possibilities. That is something to build around. We do have assets to move and get a more athletic balanced team. Be patient. I know it sux!!! I have been a fan since nick Anderson was drafted. So I am extremely knowledgeable of the disappointment this team can give. But I have learned to look for the bright spots. And right now I believe we have a player on the precipice of becoming a great player and one who has all the skills to join him. I will revel in that. I hope you all will to. Go Magic!
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    The only thing missing in Mario is his confidence. It's been destroyed here I am not sure he ever had it but it sure has not been enhanced by any of our coaches. But a coach has to show confidence In some players by letting them make mistakes and not yanking them. Mario seems to have never gotten that opportunity here, I hope maybe one day he will find it in himself or finds a coach who will.
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    This is crap. This is like saying Skiles quitting wasn't Skiles' fault, because the team had issues at PG that Hennigan wouldn't fix. No. Skiles' job was to coach the team. He quit. Hennigan's job was to manage the team under the direction of ownership, and he failed at that. Was he allowed to do things exactly his way and only his way? Probably not. Are you, at your job? Is anyone, ever? He clearly chose Fournier over Oladipo. There's no reason to think ownership would have made him do that. He clearly thought Ibaka would be better than he was, bringing in his old buddy - along with Green - reminiscent of Otis Smith. Ownership didn't make him think that. He clearly thought Payton was a franchise leading PG. Ownership didn't put that notion in his head. Stop defending the GM who took a winning franchise and turned it into a laughing stock.
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    If we couldnt handle Dipo at his worst we dont deserve him at his best. I'll see myself out.
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    Henny was doing great until he started getting micromanaged. That's why I have nothing against Hennigan. He was just severely unlucky. The micro management along with the not losing out enough for REAL draft acquisitions screwed him over. The oladipo trade was a WIN NOW move to me due to the pressure our management and organization put on him to keep his job that he was going to lose anyway. I'm truly starting to believe our problem is management and ownership more than anything now. I can even extend this to the Van Gundy drama in which they placed Howard's priority in front of Van Gundy's priority which ultimately led to his axing. Then Otis Smith started trading assets for his best friends. Now we can't keep a coach for more than 3 years. The Magic players we put on court are skittish deer. The Organization has built up a reputation of starting decent then falling apart 25% of the way through the season. The culture here is severely....severely damaged. Its critical...the Magic are in a coma. Some people blame Hennigan for the culture he instilled here. You can say that's most likely the damage he caused but it's not only up to the GM to instill the culture.
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    Henny had some nice draft picks, but he just mismanaged them. It's understandable because you can't predict the future. Things took a turn for the worst when he picked Elfrid Payton. Then the question of "can Payton and Oladipo play together?" was asked and he gave up on Oladipo because we had Fournier as insurance. We could've had Oladipo and Gordon tearing it up. Hindsight is a *****
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    Indiana is the perfect place for Oladipo to be. It shouldn't be any other way and I'm happy for him. The popularity of Oladipo being a Hoosier is reemerging, but of course, with a higher pinnacle as an NBA player. From the highlights today, you can tell Vic takes pride in the culture in Indiana and being the guy leading the team. Oladipo is at 25 years of age now so everything has come together. The influence of westbrooks playing style has improved his patience with the ball. Oladipo is displaying better poise than westbrook and meshes well with his teammates. He looks under control and fully confident when considering his scoring strategy on drives. This isn't just on a sporadic basis. He's scored 20 points in over 18 games (26 games played) which makes him completely legit unlike any of our current players. We already know Oladipo's defensive reputation so he's probably top 25 player in the league now. From his emotional state, he loves to taunt which the Magic didn't allow him to do here. BE HIMSELF. Oladipo is enjoying the game and enjoying protecting home. You can tell he loves that town along with the attention. Expect him to be with Indiana for an extended period or for the rest of his important career years. I would be surprised if they trade him. Indiana's attendance is on the rise with the Oladipo show. After wins or critical buckets, he faces the crowd and points to the floor with pride. Never have I seen him do that as a Magic player.
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    Important things you got right.... If we draft a point guard we need a bridge. I think not having a healthy, decent back-up right after we drafted Elfrid caused most of our problems. Just because we screwed up and let go of Harris and Oladipo too early doesn't mean we need to keep Elfrid.
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    I guess Jeff isn't seeing the same thing that we all see every game so I thought I'd help him out. Dear Jeff, Vuc hasn't been injured and he still sucks on D. We are getting killed in the paint! By the way nice FA signing on Simmons. Dear Jeff, Biz has hands of stone. Please tell coach to stop running plays where he gets the ball at the top of the key. By the way nice signing on Speights. Dear Jeff, Fournier and Vuc play buddy ball and are holding back the development of our only real star. Please trade them. By the way, AA was a nice signing as a veteran presence in the locker room. P.S. Marios still sucks too. Trade him as well. Dear Jeff, Go out on the court and take a few 3 point shots wearing a baseball cap with no cardboard in the bill. If you can see the rim let us know. Just sayin'.