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Magic @ Pacers - Saturday, Nov. 23rd at 7:00 P.M.

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1 minute ago, Babir_9 said:

Ross and Fournier...such a pathetic effort at the end of the 4th 

Yup. Both need to go. Despite a good game from Fournier, his hero ball tendencies cost us this game. We live or die by him. 

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Ok so the impressive thing about Isaac's game tonight wasn't that he scored 25 points. 25 points in one game isn't all that impressive. 

The impressive thing was he was making reads on offense and playing to those reads. Every guy practices offensive moves and you often see guys decide to make those moves before a play even starts and that's bad because the play doesn't always work for the situation. But Isaac was picking spots on the fly. He was pulling up when guys backed off he was reading what the defense was doing and was attacking the weak point his man was giving up in mid dribble. 

That's not something that everyone does. It's a really really big indicator about his future on offense and it's not something he's ever shown before. Like Gordon really struggles with that. 

I don't know what it means for his future. It's one game. But wow. 

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4 minutes ago, IrishCelticHater said:

Fultz would’ve had a triple double if people wouldn’t have fumbled some of his on the numbers passes.

When iwundu got hit in the face with a pass I laughed

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