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  1. Adam_Magic

    Fantasy Football! replacement needed.

    BUMP. We are drafting this weekend - 3 spots still available
  2. Adam_Magic

    Fantasy Football! replacement needed.

    BUMP. We are drafting this weekend - 3 spots still available
  3. Adam_Magic

    Fantasy Football! replacement needed.

    Hey Sky - given this league is now full I am going to hijack as we need 4 people for the OMMB yahoo fantasy football league. Any takers? Barnettj Davcivic onedollarbills Payton4thewin Are the guys that were signed up last year but not so far this year - Chris you know you want another shot at the ship....
  4. Adam_Magic

    Who from the "good ole days" is still here?

    Still here in the background too, the good ole days are long gone :panicworker:
  5. Adam_Magic

    Yahoo Fantasy Football

    Invite sent
  6. Adam_Magic

    Yahoo Fantasy Football

    Oh man were you not signed up? One of the random guys I got to fill the last space auto drafted anyway if you want that squad?
  7. Adam_Magic

    Yahoo Fantasy Football

    Haha thanks Ibn, the champ has spoken but enjoy it while you can as I'm going all in this year! We still need one guy, would much rather be someone from this board as every other player is. Anyone up for the challenge
  8. Adam_Magic

    Yahoo Fantasy Football

    We need one more player, anyone interested?
  9. It's definitely to do with timing, when Dwight was approaching free agency there were teams out there that wanted him but were not as desperate as Cleveland now are to win a ship with LeBron. On top of that the teams we were dealing with did not have prospects like Wiggins available to send our way. That's why we received garbage offers like Brook Lopez
  10. Adam_Magic

    Yahoo Fantasy Football

    PM sent, need one more spot - who wants in?
  11. Adam_Magic

    Yahoo Fantasy Football

    Sorry to put this in the main forum but off topic is a freakin graveyard, what happened to that place! Long gone are the days of the beer thread.... Anyway we need 2 spots filled in our annual OMMB fantasy football league, anyone interested? I will take this thread back to the graveyard soon just wanted to get some exposure!
  12. Adam_Magic

    Yahoo Fantasy Football

    Thanks man, just need 2 more owners - any takers
  13. Adam_Magic

    Yahoo Fantasy Football

    Dave and onedollerbills have rejoined so that leaves 3 spots - I will hold ?4thewin spot until I hear as he has been in from the start! Anyone else want in?
  14. Adam_Magic

    Mid-Summer Power Rankings from NBA.com

    Oh how I've missed threads like this!
  15. Adam_Magic

    Yahoo Fantasy Football

    Hey Mike, good reminder was just coming on to do the same. 5 teams have signed back up and we are waiting on 5 from last year but if anyone else is interested let me know as I've sent a few reminders already. Lewis are you not back in this year?