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Dwight Decision Thread - Update on Page 10

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Ahhh the wonders of Dwight Howard... or should I say "Mini Dwight Howard" James Harden. Maybe it's the farts or Dwights breathe but something in Houston is really smelling like crap.


Let's take the recent news from one of their Harden proclaimed role players:




Where Donates mentions how well the team gels together to the effect that Dwight and Harden only eat together away from the rest of the team.


That's some great chemistry building if you ask me. HA HA HA



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Maybe they thought bringing Howard back to his hometown would inspire him to develop a mid-range jumper and hustle back on defense. Instead, the Hawks are paying premium dollars for a guy they’re scared to play when it matters.


“I want to be out on the floor. I want to make a difference,” Howard said in his exit interview with reporters. “I want to make an impact, and I can’t do that on the bench.”


He played just 16 of a possible 72 fourth-quarter minutes in the series against Washington. Ex-Superman didn’t get off the bench at all in two of those fourth quarters.


Howard said he’s “p----’’ (think human bodily function) at how the Hawks are using him, but they don’t really have a choice.


ESPN polled front office executives and eight of them said the Hawks only hope is that the Knicks will take Howard off their hands. As morbidly entertaining as that would be, not even Phil Jackson would be dumb enough to make that trade.


So what we have here is a brewing Dwightmare 4.0. Welcome the club, Atlanta.



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I think I mentioned the WWE a while back, but not in reference to the lottery. I seriously doubt the lottery is fixed. For that matter, I don't think the games are fixed either (at least not by the league itself).


I DO think that refs can be more influenced by "Star Power" in the NBA than other sports, though. And by big market teams moreso than small market ones.


I mean, look at what LeBron and D'Wade do and say (and scream, and gesture) at refs compared to what Dwight used to do. Dwight would walk away from a play and roll his eyes and get T'd up. LeBron could probably bodyslam a ref and they'd call a foul on the other team.


My statement on it being like the WWE was more in the way that fouls are called and games affected by those calls rather than some grand conspiracy.


All of THAT said? I hope Dwight burns the Lakers, then goes to the Rockets, turns into a headcase there, and then no one in the league wants him and he becomes a shunned headcase primadonna that no one wants to play with, talent notwithstanding.


Winner winner, chicken dinner?

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