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2023 Off-Season Thread

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15 hours ago, hootie249 said:

Is that Markell? When did he change his hair?

I'm glad he did. As a black woman, I know that braids can cause damage to your hair, causing hair to fall out and leaving bald spots.

Even though Evan Fournier is a Frenchman, he wore that male bun on the back of his head and it  created a bald spot, causing him to shave all of his hair.


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20 hours ago, Shine88 said:


I would not be jumping on him, and I believe IND will receive better offers than this, but I would not dislike if we ship Harris and Okeke (eventually with a 2nd rd pick, not more), for Hield.

He is not a considerably better all-around player than Harris is but he is a better offensive player at the moment.

Their shooting statistics are quite similar, with more game-time for Hield, but he is more aggressive on his game, which I think would benefit us as a team and make opponents struggle more when we attack.

I also understand if we just roll like this but couldn’t avoid wonder our squad with Hield, dragging the defense out to the perimeter, and how this would benefit our core players in the offense.

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