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Ryan the Magic Fan

Anyone know the best place to find old Magic Jerseys?

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In the title basically. I was looking to pick up a Magic jersey from the 2000 era, the ones with the stars in the material. I was hoping mainly for a blue one, either T-Mac or Armstrong. Also it would have to be an authentic so I could have the actual style i like as well. And in a smaller size cause I'm not that big of a person. The only place I could find was on ebay and the prices were way too high. So I have turned to my fellow Magic fans.



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The cynic in me, the one that has endured one of the worst Magic weeks ever, immediately wanted to reply with "the landfill?"


However, I'm thinking you actually might score with some of your fellow MMB members from their own closets and bureaus, assuming they are willing to part with them.


I swore off buying Magic jerseys after paying $60 dollars for a Seikaly jersey the week before he was traded, so I can't be of any further help.

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