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Chat with Steve Kyler

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joshua in orlando:

can the magic get a big time PF


Steve Kyler:

Dwight has been pushing hard for carlos Boozer... I think there will be at least a discussion on that front... if Miami dries up because of Bosh... then its New Jersey or Orlando from what I have heard.


So we'll see if Orlando can make a deal... I have been told that Rashard is working on a shift to the SF spot, so to me that says either they are giving Bass a job or making a splash for a real four spot player.


james in Florida:

are the magic planning on contacting brad miller


Steve Kyler:

Not that I have heard... Otis isn't chatty that way... But consider that Orlando now has three centers under contract, I doubt they add a fourt... I have heard that Boston and Dallas have eyes for Brad Miller, I think they will offer more.


Ziggy Holmes in Miami FL:

Hey steve! Nice and simple. Will D. Orton play meaningful minutes for Orlando next year. What about Robinson? Thanks!


Steve Kyler:

No... Daniel will not, he's very raw and very unproven... I think he'll see spot minutes like Brandon Bass did last year, but most games he'll be an observer and cheerleader unless Dwight gets hurt.


On Sticks... I hope Stanley gets a shot... I love the guy, he has two little girls and he is not doing this for himself, he's doing this for his family - he left UCONN for a year to go work in a scrap yard to make sure his girls were taken care of - not many high levle guys would do that... its really a great story, and he's such a good guy I hope it becomes a happy ending for them.


He fits so many Magic needs, but as the 59th pick, its gonna be an uphill climb - he really choked in workouts, overwhlemed by the process, when he settles in he's a freak athlete - so I hope he has a solid Summer League...


I am pulling for that guy hard.

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before you start new threads, try searching the first page of the forum to make sure there already isn't a thread discussing whatever you want to post.

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Originally posted by KillingInTheNameOf:

Since when do 5 star recruits make more money in a scrap yard than on campus?


since usc got put under fire?

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