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  1. Kobe has a no-trade clause, and would slap this down quicker than he did that crazy slut in Colorado.
  2. HamptonRoadsMagicFan

    GameThread : Magic @ Celtics 1/23/12

    Bring your wheelchair, Pierce. You're gonna need it.
  3. HamptonRoadsMagicFan

    The Official Dwight Howard Everything Thread

    Has Dwight ever made any comments about playing for the Knicks? I thought they weren't on his short list.
  4. HamptonRoadsMagicFan

    Cars for the Cure

    cool story bro
  5. HamptonRoadsMagicFan

    The "Insult the Poster Above You" Thread

    Don't have anything better to do, douchebag?
  6. HamptonRoadsMagicFan

    My Birthday Weekend

    I personally don't give a **** that you don't give a ****, and am fully aware that you are not likely to give a **** about my not giving a ****. About which I do not give a ****.
  7. HamptonRoadsMagicFan

    49ers !

    The NFC Championship is going to be kind of a consolation game. Neither one of those teams stand a chance against the Pats or Ravens.
  8. Looking for another Magic fan in VA, DC or MD to attend the 2/29 game in Washington with.

  9. HamptonRoadsMagicFan

    Great trade idea.

    A real comedy goldmine here. :rolleyes:
  10. HamptonRoadsMagicFan

    I think this could work...

    I quit reading your literary diarrhea after you stated that Andrew "Mr. Glass" Bynum is better than D12. Pure buffoonery there. Also, WTF makes you think you're getting Deron Williams? Tard.
  11. HamptonRoadsMagicFan

    Great trade idea.

    All aboard the failboat.