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  1. The Dwight Howard Drama Unfolds

    http://www.sheridanhoops.com/2012/08/02/orlando-magic-offseason-moves-analysis/ Orlando Magic Offseason Moves & Analysis MOVES: New GM Rob Hennigan began the offseason consumed by the need to trade Dwight Howard but moved on to other pressing matters. Hennigan clearly wants to blow it up; there is no other reason to explain why he would sign-and-trade Ryan Anderson – one of the few pieces he had worth building around – to New Orleans for promising but unproven center Gustavo Ayon, who has a team option, and a $4.3 million trade exception. It also explains the somewhat surprising selection of Spurs assistant Jacque Vaughn as his new coach over other candidates considered more ready such as Michael Curry, Michael Malone and Brian Shaw. If you ordered every team by its coaching strength, right now the Magic would rank ahead of only Charlotte (Mike Dunlap) and Portland (still looking). Hennigan also re-signed Jameer Nelson, who surprisingly opted out of his contract, partially because he didn’t want to be a trade chip. Nelson was re-signed for three years and a whopping $25.2 million, way too much for a team trying to rebuild. TO-DO LIST: The youngest and most inexperienced GM in the league, Hennigan has held firm in his desire to get back a combination of salary cap relief, young players and draft picks for Howard. The blockbuster deal with Brooklyn collapsed because Hennigan was unwilling to take back Kris Humphries on a multi-year deal. See link above for the rest of the story ~ The Captain
  2. The Dwight Howard Drama Unfolds

    Took a 2 week cruise to the Caribbeans only to come back and see that we're still in the same boat before I left. :chairshot:
  3. The Dwight Howard Drama Unfolds

    What statement? YaBoyR just left the forum for now.
  4. The Dwight Howard Drama Unfolds

    This is probably going to drag on for a few more days. Whatever happens, just want to get this over with. Good night.
  5. The Dwight Howard Drama Unfolds

    Betting that Rudolph's source is likely Dan HWNSNBU.
  6. The Dwight Howard Drama Unfolds

    If they're lying then there are at least 2 liars if not more. http://espn.go.com/los-angeles/nba/story/_/id/8179632/sources-dwight-howard-traded-ready-sign-los-angeles-lakers-extension Chris Broussard: "Two sources confirmed to ESPN The Magazine's Chris Broussard that Howard is willing to re-sign long-term with the Lakers if Orlando trades him there."
  7. The Dwight Howard Drama Unfolds

    @MySportsLegion Orlando would receive Anderson Varejao (and more) Hennigan is a fan of Varejao's game. turned 29 years old, fair contract, and fantastic rebounder.
  8. The Dwight Howard Drama Unfolds

    Creepy 48 members, 151 guests.
  9. The Dwight Howard Drama Unfolds

    We could do this right? We'd have no one contacted next year except Hedo, are we trading him too? If we were :bigparty:
  10. The Dwight Howard Drama Unfolds

    We planning on keeping all these young draftees for now? Haven't been following who's good in the draft and what not, but what other moves do you guys see us making? Just curious, but do we have room to sign or trade for a superstar next season like CP3 or even Andrew Bynum both Free Agents?
  11. The Dwight Howard Drama Unfolds

    http://espn.go.com/nba/story/_/id/8162534/houston-rockets-reconstruct-trade-proposal-orlando-magic-center-dwight-howard Sources say that the Rockets would have to send Kevin Martin, Patrick Patterson, Marcus Morris and Chandler Parsons to the Magic from their current roster to make the salary-cap math work, as well the draft rights to Jeremy Lamb, Royce White and Terrence Jones, all selected in last month's first round. All our bad contracts + Dwight for all of Rockets young players in the draft. If RH pulls this one out... wow!!!
  12. The Dwight Howard Drama Unfolds

    Anyone hear this? I know it's from Ric Bucher but still.... The Lakers are as far as being able to deal for Dwight. Dwight's stance has not changed, in light of today's news. Magic are now faced with trading Howard for Bynum, who also said he won't sign an extension. Basically trading one big man for another unless they get the Rockets together. That 3 team deal from last night, that won't work for LA either. Magic are back to the drawing board at this point and dare I say, I don't know for a fact, but talks about Howard trying to challenge the legality of him opting in for this year that he was given improper inducements. My guess is they'll pursue legalities to get out of his Magic contract. :beatcomp:
  13. The Dwight Howard Drama Unfolds

    @ChrisMannixSI Remember how many times the Carmelo Anthony trade talks were deemed dead? Why no one believes Brooklyn - Orlando talks are over.
  14. The Dwight Howard Drama Unfolds

    @MagicInsider So, with his Net's option dried up, what does Dwight do? Magic say, we can work it out if he agrees to extend.