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  1. Goodbye

    Ah, the famous "I'm so done/Goodbye" post. I've seen probably 1000 of them in my time on this board.
  2. Who MUST go and who should stay.

    Captain may not want to flat out say this, but since he and I are the same person, I'm going to do it for him/us/me: Arielle, formerly known as Fishybashi, creeped out a former forum member so badly that she stopped posting here. If creepy, sexual-agressive, internet stalking was a crime, Arielle/Fishy would have been locked away and the key would have been destroyed. The guy is a complete an utter fail, in the most complete sense of the internet term.
  3. 2012 Election thread

    CBS has Romney up now. And Obama is not worried about the black vote because he knows that they're going to vote for him regardless so he can continue to ignore them.
  4. Sources: Howard demands SVG to be fired

    Absolutely. This team is at its best when Dwight and four other players are around 15-18ppg and Dwight is locking down the center. Every game where Dwight puts up 30 usually is a loss or extremely close win.
  5. I didn't realize that writing words in magic marker equaled ability to do said things. Good job Hibbert.
  6. Sources: Howard demands SVG to be fired

    You new posters need to realize that SmackDaddy knows more about the Magic than you could ever hope to.
  7. What about those of us who predicted a sweep but were hoping for a miracle?
  8. Playoff Gamethread!! Magic Vs Pacers Game 1-Round 1

    Can't believe we pulled that one off. I don't care how much luck was involved.
  10. Magic are playing Great!

    Honestly, this year has been extremely rough. Worse than the year we lost 20++++ in a row.
  11. If not Stan, Who?

    Wow, Magic Man getting completely destroyed in this thread. Anyone who thinks Ellis would be a perfect fit for the triangle needs their head examined. Throw your keyboard out the window and follow it kid.
  12. Does Dwight actually expect his teammates to be good little soldiers for him after the past few months he's repeatedly thrown them under the bus, requested that they be traded, told the media they aren't good enough? I mean, if I were Jameer, I'd happy coming to work every day knowing Dwight wasn't there. This is a guy who Dwight constantly said he wanted to replace with (fill in the blank).
  13. Even the worst sportswriters in the world know they can't quote anonymous sources for stuff like that and they sure as hell can't quote message board posters. Besides, YaBoy already outed Q, so Ping could run with that if he wanted to.
  14. You already told us one of them. Its not like anyone in the media is going to use this forum as a source for a story. They'd be fired instantly for 1st degree murder of journalism.
  15. Why can't you tell us the other one?