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  1. §issie

    GT: Magic vs. Sixers

    Have a great time ! Been to many season games and love watching my Magic..
  2. §issie

    GT: Magic vs. Sixers

    I am really upset that my Magic will not be on TV That's not fair
  3. §issie

    The Dwight Howard Drama Unfolds

    I do agree with you... And like I told my husband... Im a Magic fan no matter what.... And its going to be interesting to watch the Magic grow from the ground up... I know we are not going to be on top this year .... BUT.... I will still wear my Magic gear proudly....
  4. §issie

    The Dwight Howard Drama Unfolds

    I am so lost .....And confused.. I love my Magic... Im glad this thing with Dwight is over ... All but the ink on the line..... I just wish I know who my Magic are gonna be.... Anyone know the lineup ??
  5. §issie

    The Dwight Howard Drama Unfolds

    I am so ready to get this ironed out.. I know no more than anyone else.... I love my Magic .. With our with out Dwight ... I just wish this would get resolved and lets move on and get down to getting a coach and playing basketball !!! Yes im a Dwight fan.... BUT..... You cant take my heart from the Magic just cuz he was to leave.... Its all getting old !!
  6. §issie

    Orlando Magic Schedule

    I can not wait for Basketball to start Finally ....
  7. §issie

    I have accepted the fact Dwight is gone

    I think Dwight is a class act.... I do not want to see him leave the Magic.. But if he does I have a feeling he will be back
  8. §issie

    Steve Jobs

    He will be missed !! To his family !
  9. §issie

    Cops Called on Dwight Howard

    No it is not Christian based .. We have a variety of beliefs .. So no !
  10. §issie

    Cops Called on Dwight Howard

    I agree with you ...But in the State of Florida and in most States the person receiving Child Support is not heald accountable for a dime of it.. So in other words the custodial parent could spend all the Child Support on bubble gum and not a thing could be done about it unless the Bio Father could prove the Mother unfit.. To prove a Bio Mother unfit is like pulling teeth... It's sad... But this is more true then most even realize... Its the child that suffers unfortunately
  11. §issie

    Cops Called on Dwight Howard

    TheBrighterSide.org You will only see the front page... My website is locked down to that we do not have any problems with the other side of the problems lurking around
  12. §issie

    Cops Called on Dwight Howard

    I agree with you... I own a website message board that is for Step family's and dealing with custody .............. alimony .......... child support ............ visitation..........every aspect of the Step Situation... There are so many deadbeats out there...And so many that do not exercise their right to visitation cuz they just dont want to be bothered ... Do not get down on a man that wants to have time with his son............. And I have no doubt Royce played this to the stars just because of who Dwight is !! Their son well see the games that his Mom is playing and catch on as he gets older... This happens way to much in child custody and visitation... I just hope that Royce is smart enough not to use "Parent Alienation Syndrome " (PAS) with their child..
  13. §issie


    My husband and I are Christians .. My husband and I live the Baptist life... I guess you might say we live the more modern Baptist life...
  14. §issie

    ¿ Snick Snack ¿

    What's your favorite snick snack to eat while watching your favorite sports events ?? This is one of my fav's CREAM CHEESE SALSA DIP 1 (8 oz.) pkg. cream cheese 1 (12 oz.) jar salsa, (mild, medium or hot) Allow cream cheese to come to room temperature or warm in microwave 2 minutes. Add salsa mix well serve with Nacho chips. Ok.. what's yours ¿