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  1. OrlandoNKentucky

    Scotty Hopson.... 6'7 SG Draft Prospect

    I'm surprised Jareth hasn't posted on this yet. He had like a Hopson loving rant a couple of weeks back. Hopson is a decent player, don't think he'll turn into much, but he could address a need that the Magic have now, so sure why not.
  2. OrlandoNKentucky

    ESPN Piece on Dwight Howard (Video)

    H4TW bringing the heat...nice break down of the last play. I noticed that too when I watched the game. Turk was so desperate to get out of his shooting slump that he thought hitting a big shot would help. It didn't.
  3. OrlandoNKentucky

    Could be the end for a lot of guys

    As far as the Jackson talk goes, I don't know what he has done to not be considered a good coach. He's been around the game, he's played the game at that level, and I may be one of the few on this board, but I enjoy his commentary much more than JVG. I just think he understands what it takes. Another big part of this is what type of staff is he going to surround himself with. That will also be key to this whole thing. As far as the Ellis to 76ers talk. I'm like everyone else, I don't think it makes any sense for Philly unless GS throws in Biedrins as well. I judt don't see it. If it does happen, that is a nice young nucleus for GS (Curry, Iggy, Lee) probably not championship ready, but definitely a step in the right direction. All we can do is hope that Otis is going misdirection again and comes out of no where, snatches up Iggy and leaves Philly sitting there sore and unsure of what just happened.
  4. OrlandoNKentucky

    Could be the end for a lot of guys

    Respectfully disagree - Frank the coach in New Jersey? Who had arguably the second big three in the common era, behind the Spurs, and couldn't win with Jefferson, Kidd, and VC all playing probably at the peak of their careers? Pass. Adelman. Fired in Portland. Fired in Golden State. Teams elected not to renew his contract after he would give them good regular seasons and fail in the post season. Also old school coach who never had the best reputation of relating with players. Those types of coaches aren't successful anymore. So Yea, pass. Casey. He seems like he could be a legit possibility. Successful in Dallas so far. JVG is an idiot. Pass. Off your list, I would probably put Casey over Jackson, but I still think Jackson is better than most other options.
  5. OrlandoNKentucky

    Could be the end for a lot of guys

    Who else do you have in mind? Adleman? That seems to be a favorite of many posters on this forum.
  6. OrlandoNKentucky

    Could be the end for a lot of guys

    I think Jackson will be a good coach. He knows his stuff. And probably is the best option out there. Edit: Oh by the way, don't worry guys, I solved all of our problems http://games.espn.go.com/nba/tradeMachine?tradeId=3cyy69e
  7. OrlandoNKentucky

    Could be the end for a lot of guys

    I'd love to get Smith here. I think his game fits with the Magic, but I honestly don't see anyway the Hawks trade with us. Unless they were getting some player from another team that they really wanted and we were giving a player to a 3rd team that they really wanted. But even then I'm doubtful. I think since Dwight and Smith are such good friends, there wouldn't be any conduct issues. Dwight would keep him in line. Acquiring Smith and Prince/Hayes/Buike are great beginning pieces to not only keeping Dwight but getting to where we would like to be. Even though I wouldn't be opposed to getting Boozer, Smith is younger and a better friend of Dwight. I think that would work out better in the long run. Which player is probably more unrealistic to get in a Magic uni? Josh Smith or Iggy? Because I think if we can't get Iggy, trading for Smith, then signing Prince at the 3 and Mayo at the 2, would work just as well.
  8. OrlandoNKentucky

    Why not allow rookie center Daniel Orton to play behind Dwight?

    He didn't get injured at Kentucky, he got injured toward the beginning of his senior year of High School (just to clarify that the injury wasn't as close as people might think). The reason he didn't play much at KY wasn't because of lack of talent, it was just because there was better talent available (Patrick Patterson and Demarcus Cousins). But when he came in, he was a good rebounder and an excellent shot blocker. Struggled with switching on PNR and helpside D, but those hopefully he'll learn while he's with the Magic. He could be a valuable asset especially if the Magic can't get any via free agency or trade. Can't rely on him for a lot of points, but as long as that knee is healthy, he is decent on the rebounding end.
  9. OrlandoNKentucky

    The Official Soccer Thread

    Yea, I'm with you on this one. That was pretty disgusting. I understand not wanting to play players, rest em up, etc. But that was just pathetic. Our defense was basically letting them walk all over the box and if they had even a half a yard opening, Howard was in trouble. They really showed that USA just really isn't even close to Spain and probably never will be. But after beating them a while back, then having some solid shows during the WC, I thought we would put up a better effort.
  10. OrlandoNKentucky

    The Official Soccer Thread

    Anyone watching the USA v SPAIN???? Now on ESPN
  11. OrlandoNKentucky

    If you could form a realistic team around Dwight

    Glen Davis is not a Center and Arenas wouldn't be our starting sg. But, I wouldn't mind getting Chandler in here.
  12. OrlandoNKentucky

    Monta Ellis on the trading block

    Your posts literally make me want to jump off a bridge without a parachute.
  13. OrlandoNKentucky

    If you could form a realistic team around Dwight

    Boozer, Batum, Smith Sign a big, Sign Hayes, Sign Buike, Draft Point. Stew.
  14. OrlandoNKentucky

    The Official Soccer Thread

    Don't judge me. Haha it was like 4 am when I wrote that.
  15. OrlandoNKentucky

    If you could form a realistic team around Dwight

    I'd be totally for that because I look at the talent instead of the former college. All of those players could fill a need that the Magic have. But Lee isn't going anywhere and I doubt Speights is either, unless we have him thrown in with an Iggy trade.