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  1. Im Rich I used to be active on this forum back when it originally stood up. But as life has taken over ive become a ghost just popping in reading topics. Im going to try and keep more active on this forum for this season. Im in the army now and stationed in Alaska so this forum will really be my only connection to the magic.lol Looking forward to hopefully an exciting and promising Magic season. Been a Magic fan since the heart and hustle season, I still remember being heart broken as a kid when the team got eliminated from playoff contention by the Milwalkee Bucks
  2. Shout out to all of the veterans of this board.

    Its been a while since I waas active on the board. But I still poke my head in. I've definitely come along way from the early days of the forum. It was good times.
  3. Im still trying to figure out what it is Grant Hill did to be known as this "classy" individual? What he didnt ***** about sitting at the end of the bench in a suit collecting bank? Or that he worked his ass of to get back and maybe earn some of the money he stole?
  4. The NBA is marketed as a team driven league, yet every championship team has one high profile player that leads them to the promise land. Its neccessary to have great players to win championships. The NBA also might be full of great pgs but all the great pgs are locked up or looking to get big paydays, you have to start somewhere. The Magics biggest weakness in the Dwight Howards era was a lack of a go to scorer, Trey Burke has the skill set to be a go to kind of player.
  5. The NBA is a point guard driven league these days, a pg with the talent that Burke has would be a mistake to pass up, the magic arent winning rings next year, its time to plan for the next 1-3 years and I think Burke would fit right in. Maybe let Jameer mentor him up a little bit.
  6. The all new Does Otis need to be fired Poll

    I have no idea where this whole steve kerr thing has come from, did anyone see what he did in Phoenix? I mean someone please enlighten as to what makes Steve Kerr a great GM.
  7. I still dont understand why people try and criticize Daniel Bryan for not being good on the "mic", who gives a crap how good about that. As you say he is one of the best techincal wrestlers out there, and he is one of the few guys out there who can make anybody look good in the ring. Cody Rhodes on the other hand, I think he is florishing as a midcarder but I beleive a little more experience your looking a future heavyweight champion right there.
  8. Why because Stan holds players accountable? SVG took Dwight to levels he didnt know about on defense, all Stan wanted was Dwight to be accountable, and play to his full potential. Stan recognized how dominant Dwight was on defense and rebounding, but Dwight wanted to score. Thats it. With Stan Dwight has now been a defensive player of the year three years runnig.
  9. Honestly how Otis has kept his job this long is ridiculous. I understand not wanting to give Dwight too much power, but the fact remains, what end game do you reach by playing hard ball with the teams best player? How big does that ego have to be?
  10. Honestly when your best players are as follows, Nelson, Hedo, JJ, Anderson, Big Baby, would u stay? Time to rebuild around Big Baby.lmao
  11. Its now Dec.9 teams can start dealing
  12. http://espn.go.com/nba/tradeMachine Great trade id do it in a heart beat
  13. How Otis still has a job is ridiculous. He should of been canned when he gave up Gortat to rent Richardson and take Hedo off the Suns hands. Then trade Rashard Lewis for Arenas. Great trade Otis.
  14. Brook Lopez and 2 firsts. what a joke.
  15. Whats the deal? Brooke Lopez, and two late first rounders? If thats all thats on the table. Its not even worth the deal. The Magic will be in serious rebuilding anyways. Otis has sent this franchise back a couple of years for trying the rebuild the Golden State Warriors.