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  1. 2017-2018 Official Season Discussion Thread

    Looks like we signed another player: http://www.nba.com/magic/news/magic-sign-rodney-purvis From the other article, seems like its a signing for development league. http://www.nba.com/magic/news/mario-hezonja-looking-cement-his-spot-teams-rotation
  2. It would be great if we could get old forum link working again so it would redirect here. If anyone else was like me, they probably had that bookmarked. http://forum.truebluenation.com/forum/index.php
  3. 2017 Official Offseason Thread

    Welcome back guys, figured Irma took down the forums. Hope everyone is ok!.
  4. 2017-2018 Official prediction thread

    I think thats reasonable, considering its a year to give our guys last chance. If we end up tanking I hope we also end up trading some pieces by tradeline ( both to help with tanking and to shake up things a bit).
  5. 2017-2018 Official prediction thread

    You think we got worse this offseason ? We ended with 29 wins last season.
  6. 2017 Official Offseason Thread

    Indeed, sounds like a good excuse so it wont seem like he didnt want to come to their national team. Just PR stuff.
  7. 2017 Official Offseason Thread

    We are in a position to make a trade while keeping a functional team. I expect we will see a trade by the tradeline if not by the start of the season.
  8. 2017 Official Offseason Thread

    I find it interesting that newer articles from JD on Magic website have no mention of some of the veterans of the team. In 2 of the most recent articles, one about Afflalo signing and another about the summer progress with Weltman, they all mention and quote our GM/POBO on AG,EP, Mario, Isaac, Iwundu, Birch and new guys, but no mention of Fournier, Biz or Vuc (and DJ). Wouldnt be surprised if any of them will be gone before preseason starts. (We can still trade right, no deadlines or anything?) http://www.nba.com/magic/news/jeff-weltman-very-pleased-offseason-additions http://www.nba.com/magic/news/arron-afflalo-says-he-was-happiest-during-prior-stint-orlando
  9. 2017 Official Offseason Thread

    In last interview I saw, Weltman said they are still looking to add shooting and talking to other teams, so I imagine we are looking at some trades to do that.
  10. 2017 Official Offseason Thread

    It doesnt really matter who is what, we will play with 3 wings who can defend PG through PF So we will have PG - Payton,Mack,DJ SG,SF,PF - Fournier,Ross,Gordon,Hezonja,Isaac, Iwundu C - Vuc, Biz, Birch Players who probably least fit this system are DJ,Fournier and Vuc. And we still have an unknown in Hezonja. I think we will likely see these guys traded the first, if they dont come out with strong performances early in the season. Also I dont necesarilly think any of the wing players are safe either, we might trade any one of them if theres a chance to get an upgrade at that spot in a trade with a combination of the above 4 players.
  11. 2017 Official Offseason Thread

    Our team is far from done and we will need picks to include them in trades. Two more rookies that we would likely send to d-league dont have same appeal as picks when you are at the trade deadline looking to make trades.
  12. 2017 Official Offseason Thread

    Exactly, and even if he wanted to comment, he could say that teams defense wasnt good. You dont hear Vogel telling media after games that specific player sucked even if he did. There are other people who supervise Vogel and we dont need players playing GMs and giving such comments.
  13. 2017 Official Offseason Thread

    Biyombo was not brought to hit jumpshots, whats your point?
  14. 2017 NBA Draft Thread

    A lot of guys we were interested in playing in the upcoming summer league. "Isaac will be one of six lottery picks from last week’s NBA Draft who could see action in the summer league. Orlando’s Isaac (No. 6 pick), New York’s Frank Ntilikina (No. 8), Dallas’ Dennis Smith Jr. (No. 9), Charlotte’s Malik Monk (No. 11), Detroit’s Luke Kennard (No. 12) and Miami’s Bam Adebayo (No. 14) could play in the event. Ntilikina’s availability is uncertain because he is still competing in playoff action in his home country in France."
  15. 2017 Official Offseason Thread

    I dont think there is 1 player that can come in and change much. So saying we need to replace EP is just trying to put blame on someone to feel better. We wont suddenly become contender by doing that. If we had 4 starters that were better than Payton, we wouldnt even have this discussion. Our team would be pretty good. Problem is that he is arguably (in last part of the season) our best player and we expect him to be some sort of superstar. We just need to surround him with equally good/better players. Its not like he is the most paid player on our team. We need to improve team overall, piece by piece, and EPs time to get replaced might come as well. We need to keep looking for opportunities to improve at all positions.