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  1. i HATE Rich DeVos

    Barnes: Magic 'Paying for it now'

    I think what he means is that Matt got his offer for this year when we signed him last year to the two year deal Matt acts like he didn't opt out after *****ing for so long that all he gets offered is 1 year deals
  2. i HATE Rich DeVos

    Official NFL 2010 Season Thread

    just do your act word is that every time youre on stage you die
  3. i HATE Rich DeVos

    Barnes: Magic 'Paying for it now'

    There is one thing I don't understand He says the magic didn't offer him anything but didn't they offer and sign him to a two year deal? This is Matt "no one loves me enough for a multi year deal" barnes and the magic gave him what no other team would This city embraced him like no other and now he comes out with this crap acting like he didn't opt out of his second year Matt barnes will still kill you but now it's from his constant *****ing When the lakers come to town and Matt comes into the game the magic should play the chorus to portishead's sour times over and over
  4. i HATE Rich DeVos

    JJ Redick seen recruiting Steve Nash

    i doubt steve knew who he was taking a picture with a 2 time nba mvp and jj without his jersey on his family would have a hard time identifying him without the 7 on his back
  5. i HATE Rich DeVos

    Rashard and Q-Rich's Week 10 NFL Picks

    +1 for the dolphins dan do you let a farm animal pick for you every week?
  6. i HATE Rich DeVos

    Official NFL 2010 Season Thread

    Henne gets benched for pennington First play and Pennington goes down Henne back in the line up For better or for worse Henne is just meant to be
  7. i HATE Rich DeVos

    Nash May Become Available

    I don't think Nash would make that tough shot but I do think he would make a brilliant pass to get someone a much better shot than what meer took
  8. i HATE Rich DeVos

    fight night

    goes the distance and all three judges go for pac man
  9. i HATE Rich DeVos

    fight night

    anyone watching the fight tonight? links here myp2p who ya got? even though manny is giving up the weight i think he beats margarito hard and fast for what was said about freddy's parkinson's
  10. we did not deserve that win but props to meer for making that shot after his boner at the line
  11. and the nick anderson free throw award tonight goes to jameer nelson
  12. Did Dante just say that we're not a lazy or unprofessional team? How many turnovers and missed free throws till we are considered lazy and unprofessional?
  13. thats asking a lot dont you think?
  14. i HATE Rich DeVos

    Game Thread Jazz at Magic 11/10/2010 7PM

    Dwight is such a mook He says that he'll control his emotions but he's on pace for like 65 techs
  15. i HATE Rich DeVos

    Game Thread Jazz at Magic 11/10/2010 7PM

    He needs to read his play book