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  1. MAGICFAN365

    2022-2023 Season Thread

    I am not sure we giving up as fans. This is just more of the same. The contract has a whole clause about health. It isn't just fans. Sure six to eight weeks. And then what? I want him to be healthy. But he's often not.
  2. MAGICFAN365

    Magic at Hornets - Fri., Mar. 3 @ 7 PM

    For the season.
  3. MAGICFAN365

    2022-2023 Season Thread

    Speaking it in to existence...
  4. MAGICFAN365

    2022 Off-season Thread

    everyday but you can stage your lineups for the week in advance
  5. MAGICFAN365

    2021-2022 General Game Thread

    Not a tanker fan. not enjoying this. BUT allegedly we should get a good draft pick so honestly.... on to the draft with an every once in a while glance and the box score. Watching the game is asking for frustration, and I have enough in 2022.
  6. MAGICFAN365

    2022 NBA Draft Thread

    I like Isaac's potential, he's still on my fantasy basketball team (drafted and on ir), but if Celtics say Isaac, 1st, and, filler for brown.... Do you say no? Last update I see is from nov 26...
  7. MAGICFAN365

    2020-2021 Official Magic Season Thread

    This. Playing to los...develop. Trade Fournier. Career high year(starting SG previously averaging 13/game..smdh) Maybe trade Vuc if he nets enough. I don't want to but if its 1st round + young pieces. Start Bamba. Start Okeke. I said it after the Fultz injury, do we really think this team wins the trophy this year? If not, development of young players is a must.
  8. MAGICFAN365

    2020-2021 General Game Thread

    Is it ok if we just stay as currently constructed and let it run its course? I mean only sign vet if needed(let the youth grow). No trades, unless its a steal(Fournier for McCollum style). Let Cole get run. Fournier expires. Yes I would love to win championship(EVERY YEAR) but also don't think we win a championship missing most important piece(arguably vs Vuc).