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  1. MAGICFAN365

    Magic @ warriors

    I think the ref may start out even or leaning one way or the other. better team probably gonna win. But LeBron gonna get his calls. And as the game goes on, the more a player/team berates or complains, the ref may or may not choose to shift how they call a game. Not all calls but enough calls to appease. Winning team usually doesn't complain about a foul or two when they are blowing out "inferior" team. Why? Because it doesn't matter. They busy dancing. So why complain when the game close? I say because in part they believe if they complain enough there will be calls/no calls made in their favor. I won't go full blown nba conspiracy theory big city vs little city but I hope you get where I'm coming from.
  2. MAGICFAN365

    Magic @ warriors

    Just finished watching the first half of the game on afn....Durant face when he got called for a foul on vucevic. Almost broke the man arm. Shessh. I see what y'all was saying about those refs. As if they let his demeanor get to them and it started affecting the calls.
  3. MAGICFAN365

    2018 Official Offseason Thread

    I get not settling but unless we are giving up "assests" er players, what other options do we have to fill our PG position? I don't want to settle either but if on a one year deal I don't see how we do better for a potential starting PG for just this year. I am all in for Kemba if we trading Vuc/Fournier/a pick or two. Other than that the Lin/Chalmers/etc is a more settling option than than IT. Trust me I wish we could do better. I just don't like the other options. It's like do you think the Lebron Lakers prefer Mcgee and Rondo over AD and CP3? No but you take what you can get in hopes in makes us better and if it doesn't then if not it is a one year contract you cut your loses. Lin/Chalmers @ 3 year contract < IT @ 1 year contract. Just I am no GM and this is only my opinion.
  4. MAGICFAN365

    2018 Official Offseason Thread

    from what I understand Vizio is made of spare parts and although cost less for more will more than likely break down on you. Samsung steady...
  5. MAGICFAN365

    2018 Official Offseason Thread

    I was just on NBA.com looking at free agents and I saw IT. Why not other than injury? The contract would be a prove it like suggested. Offensive spark. Decent APG average.
  6. MAGICFAN365

    Favorite Magic Players of All Time

    penny, turk, lee(yes i watched him miss that layup), jameer, 3d, humble dwight, anderson
  7. MAGICFAN365

    Magic @ Boston

    I like defense at my 5 position personally. So I would say yes to Birch/Biyambo combo going forward. As for who would take Vuc....I think Edge Water High School is look for some offense.
  8. MAGICFAN365

    Magic @ Boston

    Birch is a nice find.
  9. MAGICFAN365

    2017-2018 Official Season Discussion Thread

    stupid report say Whiteside is not untouchable.....so Vuch, Fournier/Ross, elf Draft picks, tenders, etc? At least make the phone call amirite?
  10. MAGICFAN365

    2017-2018 Official Season Discussion Thread

    Colin Sexton is a legit Legend
  11. MAGICFAN365

    Magic @ Hawks

    come on Magic....enough I gotta watch the Falcons do well over the Bucs