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  1. AcuWill

    Who from the "good ole days" is still here?

    If you call thinly veiled ad hominums blended with advanced stats basketball arguments, then yeah, it may be better for me to stay away. What I was referring to were the posts that were alive and funny that created a sense of community and board atmosphere vs. the derogatory caustic BS I referred to above.
  2. AcuWill

    So.... American roadtrip!

    If you spend time in Savannah, go to Wiley's BBQ. He's considered the 4th ranked BBQ in the country. Redneck nachos and ribs baby.
  3. AcuWill

    Who from the "good ole days" is still here?

    I'll try this a second time, as certain persons can't be mentioned as board cancers. Jareth was awesome. Seriously made the board. I do hop in and read time to time, but overall content is arguing between a few people without the gems of the past.
  4. Thanks. Most of it does not happen since it is just discussion between teams. It is still interesting to hear about and nice when a national writer tweets about it later as well. :)

  5. AcuWill

    NBA Offseason 2013 Thread

    Funniest post I have seen in ages.
  6. AcuWill

    NBA Offseason 2013 Thread

    But don't try argue with poignant discussion because you disagree with DOM and that automatically means you are an imbecile in some fashion because he is the all knowing hubristic lord of all that is basketball as is evidenced by the following:
  7. AcuWill

    Welcome To The Orlando Magic Victor Oladipo

    Fixed that for myself.
  8. AcuWill

    Welcome To The Orlando Magic Victor Oladipo

    Newb. True fans came here along with Danny Schayes.
  9. I appreciate your insider information even if others give you crap for it "not coming true." That does not mean your info was not correct. :)

  10. AcuWill


    Thanks for the replies guys. I appreciate them. :)
  11. AcuWill


    Thanks for the reply. I appreciate it.
  12. AcuWill


    How you guys that have it like it? I'm thinking about changing from Brighthouse. How reliable is it? Edit: In Orlando.
  13. AcuWill

    Dwight Howard Appreciation Thread

    Like I said earlier in this thread, can anyone think of any player in any sport that has ever been as bad to a team as Dwight has been to the Magic this last year?
  14. You insult every person you talk to on this forum and act like the resident douche. Why are you so surprised when you get some **** slung back at you?
  15. Man that interview makes me miss Stan so much. And it's extremely enlightening to hear Stan blame the front office, which is exactly what people have been saying for some time, that that is where the root of the Magic organization is. Even more so, Stan mentioned ownership a few times very specifically.