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  1. Magic @ wizards

    Wow! John Wall
  2. 2017-2018 Official Season Discussion Thread

    Hopefully this will be in full effect come tonight’s game
  3. Magic @ Wizards Game Thread

    Management won’t like that lol
  4. Magic @ Wizards Game Thread

    But are you long?
  5. Magic @ Wizards Game Thread

    I just don’t want management to use injuries as an excuse to not make trades this year as this squad isn’t good enough
  6. Magic @ Wizards Game Thread

    Wow! We are getting killed. Everything they put up is going in. Wall already has 7 assists
  7. Magic @ Wizards Game Thread

    If he’s that good hopefully he’s still on the board when we pick... in the lotto... again (sigh)
  8. Magic @ Wizards Game Thread

    I jinxed myself about a tight game smh. I like those players but I’m not sure if they are good enough to build around to win a championship or compete for one. Also I haven’t seen any projected rookies yet but we defo need a pg that can shoot if we want to win games in today’s nba
  9. Magic @ Wizards Game Thread

    I’m sure I saw it earlier on another thread but I love listening to the away commentary because they give an honest assessment of why we suck
  10. Magic @ Wizards Game Thread

    Like what Mario is doing tight game so far
  11. 2017-2018 Official Season Discussion Thread

    I'd love that trade but don't see OKC giving away Adams that easily
  12. Magic @ Pistons (Early game 4pm)

    I think he's shown today that he has the potential to be a solid NBA player
  13. Magic @ Pistons (Early game 4pm)

    Let’s hope he can keep this up cos we’re going to need it lol
  14. Magic @ Pistons (Early game 4pm)

    Like what hezonja is doing right now! In a zone
  15. Magic vs nuggets

    What was that inbounds about vuc SMH!