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  1. MagicMoses

    Magic Vs. Celtics - Sunday, Aug. 9th at 5:00 P.M.

    Decent start. I'm pleasantly surprised
  2. MagicMoses

    2019-2020 Official Trade Ideas Thread

    If the Bulls are interested in Vooch then what about: Vooch, Fournier, 1st 2020 unprotected for Lavine, Otto Porter Jr? Not sure about salaries matching or if the Bulls would move on from Lavine so soon but he doesn't seem happy
  3. MagicMoses

    2019-2020 Official Regular Season Thread

    I think coming off the bench is allowing him to be more aggressive searching his shot and props to him for being efficient with it
  4. MagicMoses

    Game Thread: Bubble Seeding Game #1 Vs Nets

    Playing defense like they're still scrimmaging
  5. MagicMoses

    2019-2020 Official Regular Season Thread

    If the Warriors have the no.1 pick, surely they take Wiseman?
  6. MagicMoses

    2019-2020 Official Trade Ideas Thread

    If we’re trading our first, I’d rather do it as early as possible as it’s value will diminish (assuming we become a better team)
  7. MagicMoses

    2019 Offseason Thread

    It's the hope that kills you...
  8. MagicMoses

    2019 Offseason Thread

    Ross re-signs with the Magic!! Whoop!!
  9. MagicMoses

    2019 Offseason Thread

    If he hasn’t already met with Vuch’s reps then chances are he’s leaving
  10. MagicMoses

    2019 Offseason Thread

    Wouldn’t mind trading for Wagner for a future second. Low risk, decent reward
  11. MagicMoses

    2019 Offseason Thread

    That was my thinking about Barnes but I have to disagree with your Horford take. Horford has been relatively healthy his whole career and the contract he'll get offered this summer 3/45 or 4/60 would have been offered to him next off-season IMO especially considering his game and what he offers a team with the post-season experience he has as well as being a good glue guy and calming locker room presence (good vet guy)
  12. MagicMoses

    2019 Offseason Thread

    Not sure what Barnes and Horford are thinking. They aren't going to be paid anywhere near the amounts they could have been paid this season if they had opted in.
  13. MagicMoses

    2019 Offseason Thread

    Yeah they did. He fits the bill of a 2-way wing that can at times get to the rim. They will either get a max level player or a few good players that can help their depth
  14. MagicMoses

    2019 Offseason Thread

    Not sure if this has been mentioned but I am slightly worried that Ross would be coveted by the Lakers now that they have acquired AD. Thoughts?
  15. MagicMoses

    2019 NBA Playoff Thread

    If I'm LeBron I would be fuming