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    VENUE: Amway Center - Orlando FL 11-8, 3rd in Southeast Division | 4-14, 5th in Southeast Division WE WILL FIGHT!!! - WE WILL WIN!!!
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    It's crazy how much rosier the future feels if JI and Fultz come back healthy and like the players we know they can be. Suddenly you move Suggs and Bamba to the bench and your starting lineup is Fultz Cole Franz JI WCJ With a bench of Suggs, Ross, Bamba, Okeke, RJ. That's actually pretty good. That team could compete for the playoffs over a full season if you ask me and 90% of them are like 25 and under.
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    That starting 5 is not a team that would make the playoffs. It's questionable whether Fultz is even a starting quality guard before the injury let alone after adding an ACL tear.