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    I think the fact that we seem content to be locked into the 8th seed is pretty lame. So the goal is basically to make the playoffs and get destroyed? That’s why we resigned Vuch and Ross? Pathetic
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    I will second you on that. We are not 'parked' in the 8th spot. We have one more win than Chicago and Charlotte and only two more than Detroit. I don't remotely believe for one second that the coaching team are doing this now in the hopes of 'going on a late season run'. Trying new things and playing starters smaller minutes is what you do when you're an elite team and a lock for the playoffs, we are neither.
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    Hey i'm glad we have Fultz but that is based on exactly 3 things.We got him for nothing.He is a former number 1 pick and they usually turn out ok(but not always). He looks like an actual point guard, something we have been desperate for at least a decade. However he is not untouchable.The only untouchable player on the Magic is J.I. I love being a fan but we have to be realistic.There are probably 15 starting point guards right now better then Markelle, if someone wanted to just trade us one why wouldn't you do it? I'm only bringing this up as a hypothetical. The point is to keep getting better. Don't accept mediocrity, don't stand pat.
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    Jesus man we have to stop making snap judgements based on what happened the last time we played.
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    The post was not directed to people who saw the game. I had no intent to analyze the game or the team. My analysis is that we need roster improvements and a more flexible rotation. We need shooting and our deep bench needs to be players with potential. But, without knowing the options available to us, I don't know what we need. I think we need to get rid of most of the bench along with Gordon and Aminu. I think our starters are sufficient for now. In the meantime, we need to play 2 starters at all times. I also don't believe that we can beat the Bucks, but I don't think that really matters. I also see that you have nothing worth saying in any of your posts.
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    We have everything we need to be a 6 or 7 seed in the East. We are certainly not playing well enough right now for that though. Injuries are really keeping us from putting together a better record. Just because we didn't get the start we hoped for and we are inconsistent right now, it doesn't mean that anyone who feels we're capable of much more are wrong. Our young players are the ones who determine how much we're going to improve and they have improved, but they are not great scorers or shooters who are ready to carry us. If we simply make the playoffs, that is an accomplishment when you look at the past decade. No shame in losing to the Bucks. They do this to everyone. Actually, they beat most by 20-30 on a nightly basis. This year is going better than last actually. Hopefully the right move coms along at the deadline and we can pick up a piece to spark another second half run. This season could go either way. If this team is not good enough to improve on last season I'd rather find out this season than next, that way we can make changes sooner than later. We have to remember that the road to a championship is rarely a straight line or a straight uphill climb. There are going to be ups and downs, and we might have to get worse or change directions before we improve. Even if we know what we need to get better, it takes time to get the pieces we need. This FO is well aware that this team is not a finished product and there are changes on the horizon, even if we finish the season better than last year. If someone expects us to beat the best and be a serious contender now or a year from now they will be disappointed and they shouldn't watch. Improvements from our young guys and ending the season in a better place than last year are the goal of this team. It's not just wins and losses that matter necessarily. Learning how to get better and doing those things to succeed in future seasons is the real key. We are playing the long game unless a star becomes part of the team or one of our guys breaks out.
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    No. He's been terrible this year. But welcome back it's been a while
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    Here is the Hypothetical Bridges trade. http://www.espn.com/nba/tradeMachine?tradeId=y27bnxjr If management did something like this it would be because we finally gave up trying to make Gordon a small forward. The good things from this trade. Huge salary relief at the end of the season, especially if Evan opts out.A player on a rookie deal with championship pedigree who is a real small forward. We get to keep our pick and maybe even get one back.They get a player who fits nicely next to Ayton. Money or picks to go after a shooting guard.