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  1. MagicJED

    Magic at Clippers - Thursday, January 16th @ 1:30 PM

    All good. He is a valuable player to have, especially against us, because we don't have anyone that can handle his girth or strength. Aminu and Isaac are the guys who might be able to limit him. Gordon has to guard Kawhi, but it's looking like Kawhi just has his number. Thankfully the Clippers are in the West as we don't match up well with them. Milwaukee is going to hard enough to avoid or go through.
  2. MagicJED

    Magic at Clippers - Thursday, January 16th @ 1:30 PM

    How is he trash? Go look at his season averages. That is what he plays like normally.
  3. MagicJED

    Magic at Clippers - Thursday, January 16th @ 1:30 PM

    This is a schedule loss if there ever was one. Energy just isn't there. No real prep time. Injuries at PG really hurting us, and the two guys we have to stop Harrell are hurt. Hard to get upset that we're missing that extra gear that we need against the top teams.
  4. MagicJED

    Magic at Lakers - Wednesday, January 15th @ 10:30 PM

    I also want to give some love to Johnson and Clark. They are 2 players that we can make use of. They are certainly better fits in the NBA than Jefferson and Magette.
  5. MagicJED

    Magic at Lakers - Wednesday, January 15th @ 10:30 PM

    He missed several shots in a row, but he redeemed himself. His presence had an effect on the two key Fultz drives too because they could not leave Vuc..The shots he missed were good looks that he is supposed to take, and he typically makes them. He absolutely needs to play better offensively if this team is going to succeed, but he hit one of the key shots that led to the win. He didn't make any noteworthy mistakes on defense. Every player has streaks of missed shots. Does LeBron suck because he could not hit important shots tonight?
  6. MagicJED

    Magic at Lakers - Wednesday, January 15th @ 10:30 PM

    This is the AG that we need consistently. He can't be traded if he plays this way. This is the player that he is and the sooner he recognizes it, the better off he will be. He doesn't need to score 30 to be a difference maker.
  7. MagicJED

    Magic at Lakers - Wednesday, January 15th @ 10:30 PM

    The Vuc haters can suck an egg. Without his big 3 we lose this game. He put us in position for Fultz to do what he is capable of. Fultz made the right play tonight by waiting to find the right openings and keeping his dribble alive before committing. Tonight is an example of the play Iwundu is capable of. That is why I was calling for him to play early in the year.
  8. MagicJED

    Magic at Lakers - Wednesday, January 15th @ 10:30 PM

    Who ever said that?
  9. MagicJED

    Magic at Lakers - Wednesday, January 15th @ 10:30 PM

    Just stay within a basket until Fultz can finish and Vuc makes amends.
  10. MagicJED

    Magic Vs Jazz - Saturday, January 4th @ 7:00 PM

    We just have to stop letting unknowns like Niang kill us. We were finally starting to get a few shots to fall but he kept buoying his team and keeping them from falling behind. Then we got sloppy when they were hitting everything and Mitchell finished us off. We have been fighting these back breaking scoring droughts for at least 7 straight seasons. That is why you need star quality players that are capable of carrying the team while the other guys struggle and shots get easier for everyone when the stars are making theirs. Not too upset to lose to a team with so many high percentage deep shooters on a back to back. We need Isaac to beat teams like this. It's becoming quite clear that you need to hit between 12-15 threes to compete consistently. Even when you play great defense, you're going to give up open threes and have contested shots made over you by good shooters.
  11. MagicJED

    Magic at Wizards - Wednesday, January 1st @ 6:00 PM

    After the interview with JI I'm feeling more confident that he is not badly injured. I just hope that is not just his positive attitude talking. He is going to take a huge step over the next year, it would be terrible to be rehabbing a serious injury when we see the flashes of the player he is becoming.
  12. MagicJED

    Magic @ Bucks - Saturday, Dec. 28th @ 8:30 P.M.

    The post was not directed to people who saw the game. I had no intent to analyze the game or the team. My analysis is that we need roster improvements and a more flexible rotation. We need shooting and our deep bench needs to be players with potential. But, without knowing the options available to us, I don't know what we need. I think we need to get rid of most of the bench along with Gordon and Aminu. I think our starters are sufficient for now. In the meantime, we need to play 2 starters at all times. I also don't believe that we can beat the Bucks, but I don't think that really matters. I also see that you have nothing worth saying in any of your posts.
  13. MagicJED

    Magic @ Bucks - Saturday, Dec. 28th @ 8:30 P.M.

    We have everything we need to be a 6 or 7 seed in the East. We are certainly not playing well enough right now for that though. Injuries are really keeping us from putting together a better record. Just because we didn't get the start we hoped for and we are inconsistent right now, it doesn't mean that anyone who feels we're capable of much more are wrong. Our young players are the ones who determine how much we're going to improve and they have improved, but they are not great scorers or shooters who are ready to carry us. If we simply make the playoffs, that is an accomplishment when you look at the past decade. No shame in losing to the Bucks. They do this to everyone. Actually, they beat most by 20-30 on a nightly basis. This year is going better than last actually. Hopefully the right move coms along at the deadline and we can pick up a piece to spark another second half run. This season could go either way. If this team is not good enough to improve on last season I'd rather find out this season than next, that way we can make changes sooner than later. We have to remember that the road to a championship is rarely a straight line or a straight uphill climb. There are going to be ups and downs, and we might have to get worse or change directions before we improve. Even if we know what we need to get better, it takes time to get the pieces we need. This FO is well aware that this team is not a finished product and there are changes on the horizon, even if we finish the season better than last year. If someone expects us to beat the best and be a serious contender now or a year from now they will be disappointed and they shouldn't watch. Improvements from our young guys and ending the season in a better place than last year are the goal of this team. It's not just wins and losses that matter necessarily. Learning how to get better and doing those things to succeed in future seasons is the real key. We are playing the long game unless a star becomes part of the team or one of our guys breaks out.
  14. MagicJED

    Magic @ Bucks - Saturday, Dec. 28th @ 8:30 P.M.

    AG missed the second half. The +/- for DJ is because of the times he was on the court and he was certainly not that poor.. DJ was fine early, but he was tired late. The bench was horrible and the rest of the team was bad in the 4th quarter, and DJ played with the bench and with the starters when they were bad. Birch and Iwundu were the worst. Fultz was off too. They took Ross out of the game for the most part.
  15. MagicJED

    Magic @ Bucks - Saturday, Dec. 28th @ 8:30 P.M.

    He played very well for us and he showed that he was worth keeping. Not sure why we didn't keep him. He had some strong double doubles and he made plenty of 3's. None of his play should be a surprise to anyone who follows the NBA.