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    I agree. I’m hoping the 3rd quarter that he absolutely took over in the Raptors series (can’t remember which game) was a sign of things to come. I also hope we scheme to get him involved more. Unfortunately, us playing through Vooch hurts Gordon’s ceiling.
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    Particularly his first step or maybe his second step. He's explosive but he has trouble taking those first couple steps and getting by people every time. Every so often he blows past guys and you're like "holy ****". He doesn't do that enough. I wonder if he's too in love with his step back game resulting in him using those initial steps to get his guy off balance and give him space for his mid-range game instead of just taking guys to the rim.
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    Hopefully that's part of the Kobe training. Kobe's footwork was elite. Maybe they'll focus on that rather than fadeaways & "mamba mentality" lol