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    The comment that 'fan for too long 2' made brings to mind Charlie Ward who played football and basketball at fsu and with the ny knicks. They both (Isaac and Ward) have something in common. Ward also preached while playing in the nba. In his rookie year, he played sparingly. He developed into a top notch point guard for the knicks. Read more . . . "Ward played sparingly in his rookie year under head coach Pat Riley, but the Knicks organization referred to him as "the point guard of the future." When assistant coach Jeff Van Gundy took over the head coaching position, Ward's time on the floor began to increase, becoming the primary backup for point guard Derek Harper. He became a fan favorite in New York for his hard work ethic and unselfish play. During his NBA career, Ward established himself as a good three-point shooter, a reliable ball distributor, and a respected floor leader. In Game 5 of the 1997 Eastern Conference Semifinals against the Miami Heat, with the Knicks holding a 3–1 series lead, Ward tried to box out P. J. Brown. When he tried to get inside after the free throw shot, Brown became frustrated, then retaliated by lifting Ward up and body-slamming him." About Ward's Preaching Work "Off the court, Ward became known for his extensive charitable work through groups like the Fellowship of Christian Athletes. In 2001, while playing for the Knicks, it was discovered that Ward had made disparaging comments about Jews during a Bible-study session." (Ward apologized and was forgiven by the Jewish community.) https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Charlie_Ward Edit: Isaac and Ward has/had similar potentials in their rookie year in the NBA. They both have their spirituality that help(ed) them to BELIEVE that through hard work and perseverance, anything is possible.
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    Oh I dont mean assist to turnover I just mean turnover. I dont recall him turning the ball over much at all. I love JIs game and believe he has all the tools necessary to be truly elite
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    For all practical purposes 1 assist to 1 turnover per game. In other words not much. Biut his skill set says something different. Was a PG until his sophomore year in high school. He can handle the ball but has not done so yet. With Fournier dribbling the ball for 15 seconds how can he? lol. JI's growth, since we know he can shoot, has to become twofold......PF as a distributor like Leonard and Durant (and no I am not saying he is either of those two players) and a down low game (like Siakam). With his shooting either one will work and if he does both it will put him in "rarified air" status.
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    Anybody who can get in front of many people and preach their beliefs is an alpha in my book. fultz has a TON to show he is even a player still let alone an alpha.
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    We also can't tank the team that we do have trying to force Bamba into the lineup when he isnt ready for it