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    Especially when you are currently playing like ****!
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    I think you keep projecting what you wanted. If we wanted brunson, Carter, or okobo we would have traded up. I mean the 34th pick went for a 2019 second and a 2023 second. Weltman or Hammond (correctly or incorrectly) liked briscoe more.
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    Please stop the economics talk with me I have a business degree in finance. I get it. Quit trying to be the smartest person in the room and just be a good guy.
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    Dont let this gett you down or upset and try not to be too passionate with your post and responses when someone goes against your opinion. No one is doubting your intelligence. This is a forum and we are all fans. It is ok to disagree. We all have our shares of disagreements here. I think I have found a way to upset a few in the past here but at the end, we do respect each other here. Just learn how to accept the critics from other and you will be ok. I think the thumbs down has been too excessive in my opinion but they are mainly against your attacks rather than your opinions. I for one, appreciate you been here and be a participant in this forum. Now, go on and get some likes!
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    My resume here we go. I grew up in southern california watchcing the Lakers on KTLA in 84. Also watching the Bulls on WGN and the Hawks on TBS. My family moved to Orlando in 89 and I have been a die hard Magic fan ever since. So I know a little something about basketball!
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    Vuc being traded to New Orleans. Involves us getting Caldwell Pope and another Laker. Davis is going to the Lakers.