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    I miss Oladipo, What a great individual. Great character despite all he went through while playing during Hennigans tenure with the Magic. I am glad Grant is coming here with that Attitude and desire to prove himself. I am now on board with him and will be extactic if he can give us enough to solidify the PG position.
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    Are you saying that building a whole offense around one of the worst defenders in the league, one of the smallest players in the league, who is going to play one of the most selfish seasons of basketball in NBA history, who will most likely be at our club for one season, has nothing negative about it? That's not even taking into account his injury. All our players have to waste a season learning to play with a PG in the mold of a near polar opposite PG that we want running our team. Pass.
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    Im actually really excited for Grant. This is his year to prove something and he should have a good shot to do so in Orlando. Most improved player here we come!
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    The Bulls are a young rebuilding team and they didn't bat an eye when they lost Grant so that tells you something
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    Can we have a guy exceed their expectations? That would be nice mr moneyball.
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    But he's much, much more physically gifted than Mack. Dude is super-athletic. And last year he showed tremendous strides as a passer. Offensively, Grant, if he doesn't take another step forward, if a better Mack. But he's a very gifted athlete who is already one of the best on-ball defenders in the league at the guard spot. Mack topped out as a good backup because he didn't have the size, quickness, speed, and athleticism to overcome his shortcomings as a shooter on offense, and defensively he's only just above average with lateral movement. Grant has those things at elite levels. He's basically an elite athlete guard who lacks the skills to be elite offensively. It's why he's so intriguing to me. Skills can be learned, acquired, built up. I think he has the mentality to make a jump, if anyone does. He really could surprise people.
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    Jabari team option second year. Not as bad as I thought
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    Dunn/Lavine/Parker/markeanan/carter lineup looks pretty interesting.
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    crazy stuff here. This is Lavar’s Ball new baskeball league. This is the reason Why we need to stay away from the Ball family. Bad publicity/energy.