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    I heard him yell "BORTLES!" before shooting it. Maybe that's his problem.
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    What's insane is playing Mario , when there is a 0.1% chance at resigning him. Start iwundu!!! And fire frank!!!
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    I just want to see the kid get consistent minutes for the rest of the season. He's a good looking young player.
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    Things like this make me understand why skiles quit
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    looks great. after this were 1 Atlanta win away!!
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    Atlanta up 10 with 4 and a half to go! Beginning of a winning streak! Up 15 with 3 1/2 to go. As long as they don't melt down like we do they are going to win this game! Go Hawks!!!
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    Partial surprise that we passed up the super wingspan athlete for a guy with physical question marks Partial happiness that we have a plan to replace Payton Partial sadness that we didnt trade down to grab Young and additional assets because I doubt he is 1 on many, if any, boards
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    You'd just ***** when we take Doncic
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    Gordon tried to go h2h with Giannis and hopefully was humbled.
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    You start to forget how good Gordon is and then he turns back into attacking Gordon and reminds you
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    Maybe I'm wrong but I feel like having Issac and Ross instead of Mario and afflalo in the rotation would've made a difference