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  1. Let's blow the roof off this place. If he really grew two inches over the summer i'm going to call him the next Dirk Nowitzski.
  2. hootie249

    2021 Off-Season Discussion Thread

    Honestly, McBuckets would be the best of anyone on this list. Before we got Suggs i wanted a veteran point guard like TJ or even DJ. Someone to handle the ball a decent amount of minutes until Fultz comes back. Now with Suggs and Cole, might as well go full on rebuild and let them take their lumps. Of all the guys on that list i would want McDermott but i can't see him coming here. If some contender didn't make him a decent offer he would be worth our midlevel. He's a true small forward who has always shot 40% from 3 and worked real hard to improve his game. Pretty bad on the defensive end but that wouldn't matter with us. I only mention him because he is exactly the kind of fringe piece we need. Get him try to trade Gary, which seems unlikely. Ross could be on the move but for what? So many questions. keep Moe?Bacon?McW? Who knows what will happen.
  3. Love that we now have a face of the franchise. This draft was a win for those tired of taking projects. Suggs was a blue chip prospect who stayed at that level all the way up to a national championship game. Wagner is young enough to have upside but has two years on a winning program. This going to be a fun team to watch like in 2015, except better players.
  4. hootie249

    2021 Off-Season Discussion Thread

    Changing my mind, either Presti is a genius or he is crazy. I have no idea what they are doing in OKC. So happy the Magic drafted Suggs! I'm starting to worry about our division, the Hawks and Hornets made some good moves. The Wizards might get Beal to stay. The Lakers will regret trading for Westbrook but damn they will be fun to watch. The Heat are next up in our division to make a move, i wonder who they pay or get in the next week.
  5. I was occupied during the draft. I'm so glad we got a Jalen! Green was the dream, because we need a star, but Suggs is a pick i can't debate. Great kid, great intangibles and super high floor and a leader. Two things i have said for years, we need a point guard and we need a leader or alpha. Jalen is the real deal and what he becomes is only limited by his shot. He already has the intangibles. Wagner makes sense for us in that we had to get some size and a true small forward. He might grow into a power forwards size but he a has small forwards make-up. I think he fits in with Chuma and Isaac. This team is going to be super fun to watch next year.
  6. hootie249

    2021 NBA Draft Thread

    Both teams should do this in my opinion. The Wizards should reset and the Lakers are one of a handful of teams who can attract veteran minimum contracts to fill out the team. Throw in a Beal trade an the Wizards can start over.
  7. hootie249

    2021 Off-Season Discussion Thread

    Proper thread for this statement. The Magic will turn things around not by drafting the next Durant, but using salary cap flexibility and assets to trade for a future star. It doesn't have to be a disgruntled star, it's seeing the margins and making moves. Sixers have made so many bad picks, so many bad moves and are the team to roast in the NBA right now. I would still pick them to actually win a title because i know they will make the right moves. Same with OKC. Neither Gm has won a title, but they get the idea that you can't rely on luck. And Presti and Morey draft better then average!
  8. hootie249

    2021 NBA Draft Thread

    This draft is top heavy but everyone says it's also deep. My prediction one of the top 4 is a bust but 3 are really really good. Someone in the lotto after that is a stud and one player in between makes waves the first year. I have no idea which player because they are all so freaking young and raw.
  9. hootie249

    2021 NBA Draft Thread

    What you can get from this, if they really, really...i mean really do not want to take Suggs they are making some other team pay to get him. No way they just take someone else, if they love another player. They are going to get somebody to pay up for him. Maybe it's the Magic, OKC or someone else. If i was Toronto, i would just take Suggs.
  10. hootie249

    2021 NBA Draft Thread

    Let's face it, there will probably be 3 or 4 trades or picks that will blow our minds tonight. I think there is a very small chance the Magic are involved in any of them. More then likely we stick to 5 and 8 and pick the players mocked to us. I'm ready for some fireworks. Prove me wrong Magic!
  11. hootie249

    2021 NBA Draft Thread

    Just an opinion at this point, plus the article suggests you might be correct. However the unproductive years of Isaac and Bamba cancel out whatever those two might do in the next few years. Using the win share metric in the article the outlook even with a good Chuma and Cole makes the first four years less then average. Remember this metric uses actual win shares, actual positive production. Just because Isaac might have performed better if he wasn't injured means nothing to this metric. In fact, besides most of our picks underperforming, most of them have a hard time staying on the floor. Here is a weird fact for you. Of all our drafted players during the rebuild, who is the player thought to have played the most? Everyone would say Aaron Gordon right? Was here 7 years, we don't think of him being injury prone. Gordon only played in 453 of a possible 636 games the last 7 years. Not only do we draft thoroughly mediocre players but they can't stay on the floor. How is this important to this draft and current situation? if you look closely at the entire time since Dwight left, by far the majority of win shares generated were from players not drafted by the Magic. It's not even close. All of our production has come from the Vucevics,Fourniers,Ross,Dj's etc. The one time we did swing a major trade was for a half season rental of Ibaka. And our two biggest free agents produced negative win share(Biyombo,Aminu.)
  12. hootie249

    2021 NBA Draft Thread

    https://www.orlandopinstripedpost.com/2021/7/28/22592355/orlando-magic-nba-draft Don't read this if you like to stay positive. Our drafts are even worse then i thought.
  13. hootie249

    2021 NBA Draft Thread

    Yes and this is best case scenario for us i think. Obviously for anyone who actually thinks Mobley is the true best player, moving up is best case. However i'm sure the price would be steep. I think the Cavs staying put and drafting Mobley gives us a shot at Suggs.
  14. hootie249

    2021 NBA Draft Thread

    I'm glad you mentioned this because the trade rumors for the first two picks are heating up and i think the first two picks are locked in, no way Detroit or Houston move down. Green makes sense for Houston because they can market him next to Wall and Wood. It's all about the future and putting some bodies back in the seats. So Cade,Green and then of course the ever unpredictable Cavaliers. Cavs would be stupid to pass on Mobley, i'm trying to think of best case scenario for us. I have to think that Toronto really want wants Mobley, but can they beat a trade offer from our team or OKC or heck might as well throw Golden state in there too. Cavs hold all the cards until they pick. My mind will be spinning until tommorow. Quick Edit, if we trade up we have to keep our 2022 pick as we are probably going to be one of the five worst teams next year. Mobley or bust in a trade up? Can't trade up for Suggs but if he drops to 5 automatic pick at 5 right? If Cavs do the smart thing and draft Mobley, i could see Toronto passing on Suggs.
  15. hootie249

    2021 Off-Season Discussion Thread

    How about Evan beating team USA?