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The Boss

NBA2k19 - help with some potential trades

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Hey guys, I'm wanting to control the Magic in a franchise mode of 2k19. I'm wanting to get some ideas of potential trades that could have gone down involving Vuc and Fournier. Either together or both in separate deals. What are some realistic deals you think we could have made involving them? 

The game has a horrible system for determining player value in trades. I started a game before just for fun, managed to trade Vuc and a 2023 1st for Booker, then traded Fournier and some other crap for Jrue Holiday lol.

I hate doing trades like that in my game, it's basically cheating so I like to try and make things as realistic as possible.

So can anyone float me some fantasy trade scenarios, it would be much appreciated.

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Vuc is very valuable in the fantasy and gaming world. I will stay with him. You can certaibly trade Fournier but make sure you trade him for someon that has a better 3 point shot rating. In The gaming system that comes handly.  

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