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Just wondering what you guys think. I've been in love with the game for years but still feel so detached from it that I don't know anything about assistant coaches. All I know is that a good, experienced staff can be a real difference maker.


I know nothing about our four guys and/or if anyone has a particularly strong enough skill set to be a coordinator on one side of the ball or the other. I guess I'm also ignorant to whether this is necessary, but I do get the impression from the way some games have gone and the discussion on here that actual schemes aren't Vogel's strong suit.


So, question: Do you think Hammond and Weltman force an offensive coordinator on Vogel this summer? Do you think they'd be at all impressed by his in game work last year? Would forcing something like this leave us without a respected coach again?

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Our shooting coach was brought over from the old staff. He's trash I'd be willing to bring in a new guy at least to see if that changes anything.


Yeah I was getting hung up on the offense itself but I completely agree there. Shooting should be a premium push for this franchise with the amount of non-shooters we have playing minutes on the roster.

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