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    The Dwight Howard Drama Unfolds

    Redacted :svgsad: GO MAGIC! :svgsad: PS. Can we get an OTIS emoticon already?
  2. :shard: :shard: :shard:
  3. A Darkhorse I am hearing is Houston.... Cash and picks but a package centered around: CLee (right a wrong), Dragic, and Scola FOR Anderson, JRich, Duhon, and Orton. http://espn.go.com/nba/tradeMachine?tradeId=734ulmr Sure its bottom scraping, but is it enough to keep Dwight??? and by hearing I mean I just made this S up.
  4. Its a highlight clip. And its preseason. Billups and CP3 on the same team is nasty for a low post player. It must be frustrating to see other teams get so much better.
  5. Watching this clip of Paul & Billups force feeding Blake Griffin made Dwight's plight sink in. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=X4CbHCMq1uA&feature=player_embedded#! GET THAT MAN A POINT GUARD! Must be frustrating watching all your peers get so much better.....
  6. Just curious. Would you take what NOH got in the original CP3 trade for Dwight? Kinda reminds me of Heart and Hustle......
  7. Would LOVE to see $hard back here out from under the weight of his mega contract. How can Washington NOT cut him? Soooo, what happens after a player is Amnestied? Are they unrestricted free agents? I see anyone with cap that can pay him first.... then HOU, ORL as discount options. Any talk on other team's amnesty options?
  8. moldy_hedo

    Game 5 Orlando vs. Hawks Tuesday Night 7:30

    Better yet...
  9. moldy_hedo

    Game 5 Orlando vs. Hawks Tuesday Night 7:30

    Joe Johnson looks like McLovin to me...
  10. Another team for Q... Interesting. My magic 8-Ball sez "CONCENTRATE & ASK AGAIN"