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  1. BlazerFreeman profile BlazerFreeman BREAKING: LaMarcus Aldridge will miss between a week and two weeks because of the heart issue he's had in the past.
  2. KevinDing profile KevinDing Kobe on his health: "Doesn't matter. All you guys think I'm over the f-----' hill anyway." LOOOOOOOOOOOOOL
  3. JoshuaBRobbins profile JoshuaBRobbins RT @BQRMagic: Daniel Orton says this is the best he's felt "since going into college." He can jump off his knee with absolutely no pain. this guy who knows what he can bring? on the defence side of things. blocks & rebounds. thats all we need as a backup
  4. would we take kwame brown guys??
  5. amnestied gil signed big baby for bass dwight to nets rumours. dwight was at training camp. his shooting looks so much better including three throws whispers of a s&t trade with jrich for ??? also signed liggins n harper to rookie deals. oh and apparently 2 teams had secret meetings with d12 & its tampering with nba rules. could be major repercussions!
  6. JoshuaBRobbins profile JoshuaBRobbins Dwight Howard's free throws look greatly improved. He's made 18 of his last 21. if he gets his free throws up to 70% that is a game changer in itself....keep it up d12
  7. forget barca. its all about real madrid
  8. guys who can we get as a backup center? 10mins a night max. ideas?
  9. JoshuaBRobbins profile JoshuaBRobbins In next few hours, I expect Magic to announce signings of draft picks Justin Harper & DLiggins. Also, signing Tony Battie strong possibility battie resigns with philly & comes in a package with iggy?? haha wishful thinking!
  10. it is not our money. let them spend watever it takes to keep dwight. they did say ' WATEVER IT TAKES ' SO BE IT! 6mil a year for a guy who has won a championship etc etc. least he will give 100% effort
  11. guys if this is what it takes for us to keep dwight then so be it! it aint our money is it!? aslong as dwight stays i'm good with ANY deal
  12. does davis 4years/26mil have a impact on us keeping dwight? that seems like alot to me man! thoughts?
  13. iggy & battie for ?? + orton, pick + cash?
  14. daldridgetnt Magic contemplating filing tampering charges against two teams for illegal contact w/ Dwight Howard. Story up soon on NBA.com. hmmmmmmmmmmmm
  15. AlexKennedyNBA profile AlexKennedyNBA I've talked to a number of agents today. They all believe that David Stern will eventually allow the CP3 trade to go through. We'll see.
  16. sorry guys it nearly 3.30pm over here in the UK, does anybody know if dwight is at training camp today?? roll on 7pm UK time
  17. hi guys just thought we could have a bit of fun & photoshop the players who you would want the magic to sign this coming season! i'd do it myself but i am useless LOL would really appreciate if somebody did: Monta Eliis, Andre Iguodala, Josh Smith etc etc. go magic
  18. i dont' believe no rumour about dwight unless dwight comes & says it himself. or anybody official from the magic. i do think things get real interesting from 7pm uk time ( 2pm est ) i do honestly believe that if we can get 2 players in somehow, dwight will stay. maybe they are all pipedreams. did howard really ask for " ellis, iggy, j smoove etc " can we really achieve getting anybody....? otis has messed us up bigtime, i just hope for the organizations sake that he hasn't lost our superstar & to me the most dominant player in the universe!
  19. SmithRaps Doug Smith: Raptors #raptors blog: Raptors on verge of adding Pietrus? bit.ly/vjrooo poor mp man. otis is a mug!!