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  1. 2018 Official Offseason Thread

    Bamba is exciting and if he develops the way he could he has a chance to be a very dominant big man. Carter will be a good center, probably never an all star. Hopefully by the time we are thinking contender Bamba will be able to guard whichever big men we face adequately.
  2. Draft day thread

    Tankathon had him at 28 so I thought he was out of our range. Nice scouting work by management to snag him.
  3. Draft day thread

    I turned it off after 41, did Tony Carr go?
  4. Draft day thread

    Remember management saying they were working to build a solid team and that it would take a while? We weren't going to become a contender this year regardless of who we drafted. Even if we would have drafted Trae that still would have left layup drill Vuc at center and we would continue to lose. Teams that want to beat us better hope that their jump shots are falling because they won't be getting easy trips to the basket like before.
  5. Draft day thread

    Yeah really. I AM surprised that we didn't grab one of the 6'6 PGs though, maybe their workouts sucked?
  6. Draft day thread

    I have to actually wonder if Trae was our guy thinking that Bamba and all the better bigs would be gone. Bamba fits the MO of management to the T and may end up being the best player from the draft. He has the motivation, energy, desire to be great, and runs like a gazelle. I'm very thankful that we didn't take Porter, that was the worst case scenario for me.
  7. Draft day thread

    I have to think that our management is pretty smart and that they have a plan for a PG either through trade or FA.
  8. Draft day thread

    Unless we got #58 too?
  9. Draft day thread

    I don't get this trade, Vanderbuilt is a rebounding machine!
  10. Draft day thread

    OMG Lonnie Williams interviewing in one of my feeds. He just beat out EP for the WTF hair style!
  11. Draft day thread

    We need Melton
  12. Draft day thread

    Melton, Milton,Tony Carr,
  13. Draft day thread

    Maybe we have a deal in place for a PG?
  14. Draft day thread

    SF at 6'6 198. He was predicted to be a 1st rounder. He plays tough D. http://www.tankathon.com/players/melvin-frazier
  15. Draft day thread

    That is exactly what I would have done if we picked Tare, insurance just in case.
  16. Draft day thread

    Carter is still up
  17. Draft day thread

    Sh*t Suns are up and you know they will grab a PG
  18. Draft day thread

    If I was drafting I'd grab 2 PG/SGs with 35 & 41
  19. Draft day thread

    Dare we hope Okobo falls to #35???
  20. Draft day thread

    I would think Okobo, Brunson, Carter, Melton, Allen, Milton, and Melton have a chance to eventually going to be as good as any of them except possibly Van Vleet.
  21. Draft day thread

    5 pretty good PGs left and we are only 6 picks away. We ARE going to get a good PG!
  22. Draft day thread

    Waves hand, here we are!!! Give it to us for our 2 seconds and we grab Okobo and call it a night :D
  23. Starting a new saying! #MoMagic

    I hope we keep Mo Speights, he's good locker room leadership and he plays tough. Mo MAGIC!
  24. Draft day thread

    Wow what a reach! Tankathon had him in the 40s
  25. Draft day thread

    Man we should draft this guy!