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  1. Official Draft Thread 3.0

    Don't let these guys scare you off bro your aloud to have an opinion too Shabazz will be a one of the best players to come out of this draft
  2. Official Draft Thread 3.0

    This is the same scenario I was hoping for when I posted my top 5 guys Shabazz and Bennett could be a beast of a combo! I hadn't thought of adding Bledsoe to that mix. honestly I don't see all the fuss about the guy. But everyone seems to be hyped up on him so he must be a good player. I haven't gotten to see him play so I haven't commented until now about him. Assuming we are bad another year and putting the magic at the lottery again Marcus Smart would be an excellent addition to this team. I can see similarities of Bennett's and Barkleys game but I think Larry Johnson is a better comparison. Maybe Bennett will even bring grandmama back.
  3. The Truth...Returns For A Moment

    Hahahaha very funny
  4. Official Draft Thread 3.0

    Haha I got a kick out of that comment. But to answer the previous question. He's so fluid basketball seems to come natural for him. Sure he's immature and full of himself. I just think if someone got a hold of him and taught him properly sky's the limit for the guy. To me he has the greatest potential out of this draft. I think he can be as good as Carmello or probably closer to Maggette. I think he'll be rookie of the year. Unfortunatly he's doesnt seem to be a Hennigan type player so my hopes aren't set high. But the question was my top 5 not henningans. Just my opinion is all feel free to disagree, it won't bother me any.
  5. Official Draft Thread 3.0

    No it's not I think Shabazz went to a terrible school who didn't do anything to help him. The UCLA program is a disaster and the coach is too. I've liked Bennett for a long time I see some Larry Johnson in him. Does he ever get to that type of potential only time will tell. I'm a Michigan guy!! I think Burke can be great I've watched him closely for a few years. He's going to be good
  6. Official Draft Thread 3.0

    1. Shabazz 2. Bennett 3. Burke 4. McCollum 5. McClemore
  7. The Truth...Returns For A Moment

    Busy working 3 kiddies now... 7 3 and 1
  8. The Truth...Returns For A Moment

    Seems like a little reunion going on here so I'd thought I'd drop in
  9. Official Draft Thread 3.0

    It's all just a dream there buddy, nothing has legs you are just reading what we'd like to see happen
  10. Official Draft Thread 3.0

    I love Burke I'm a die hard wolverine fan! I just wouldn't take him at 2, I just think Schroder isn't very far behind him and has a higher ceiling and we can trade down to get him for a better deal I'd imagine. Only time would tell
  11. Official Draft Thread 3.0

    I wouldn't take Shabazz with either my intentions were only to trade down to get him
  12. Official Draft Thread 3.0

    I'm ok with that scenario however can the magic get a 2nd pick in the draft without trading the #2 pick? Would AA be enough to get a top 10 pick without trading something you don't want to give up
  13. Official Draft Thread 3.0

    And If u get Shabazz and Schroder and fall in the top 2 lottery then u get wiggins or Parker an your team is set
  14. Official Draft Thread 3.0

    What happens if the magic doesn't get top 2 pick next year then you won't get any of them. Besides Shabazz might be able to play 2 and 3