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  1. MagicFan#3

    Offseason Thread part 2

    Are you intentionally suggesting trades that would be completely retarded for the other team(s) involved?
  2. MagicFan#3

    Bass May Need Arthroscopic Surgery

    He's been having problems with that knee for about a month now, but I didn't know it was this bad. To be honest this is good news for the Magic. His knee problems and his recent complete lack of aggression or willingness to take it inside on offense seem to line up perfectly, meaning he's not just being soft, but rather adjusting to deal with the injury. Or so I hope. :svgsad:
  3. Agreed. Have we all forgotten that Dwight and Varejao come pretty close to an all-out brawl almost every time they face each other? I can't imagine Dwight would have chemistry issues with VC and Pietrus, who admittedly had their faults but personality-wise weren't a huge problem, but would be fine with Varejao, who exudes douchebaggery in every way...
  4. MagicFan#3

    Just for fun...

    No. You should get 2K11.
  5. Arenas plays the 2-guard, has for a few years now. Duhon and J-Will can duke it out for 3rd string, and the loser gets traded or just waived. They're unimportant.
  6. Yes...? One of them backs up the other.
  7. That's an awful IDEA. No one wants Nelson gone...
  8. I thought you said you were leaving.
  9. Hedo didn't suck with Jameer. :unsure: A lineup of Nelson / Arenas / Hedo / Bass / Dwight could definitely work.
  10. MagicFan#3

    Ellis to Orlando?

    Ellis is a starter... at SG. We would start Nelson and Ellis in the backcourt. :svgsad:
  11. Misleading title. :svgsad: Also, who cares?
  12. MagicFan#3

    Dwight and Stan make "All-Overrated Team"

    I'm assuming this was written by Rosen and therefore not reading it. I don't even care if I'm right or wrong.
  13. Very nice, although the blue is a bit bright..
  14. MagicFan#3

    Holiday Schedule

    I like how OP fixed the date but didn't fix Magic vs Magic...